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Face mask brushes for feel-good moments in your own bathroom

Treating yourself to a facial at home is easy with a face mask brush. The soft bristles pick up creams, scrubs and serums easily and distribute them evenly over the skin.

Thanks to the well-organised selection of face mask brushes at parfumdreams, your home spa treatment can be a truly relaxing experience.

Face mask brushes for hygienic application

Of course, you can also apply face masks and scrubs with your finger tips. However, the use of face mask brushes is more efficient as you can apply the product evenly. A special brush will also add to the feel-good factor as the soft bristles work the creams and serums intensely into the skin. And who doesn't want their skin to feel great?

Face mask brushes for every skin type

Brushes for face masks and scrubs can come with natural hair, synthetic brush hair or flexible silicone tips. Brushes with synthetic hair or tips are suitable for people who are allergic to animal hair.

When buying a brush, the shape is a deciding factor for many. The following shapes are particularly popular for face mask brushes:

  • Flat face mask brush for applying creamy face masks
  • Fan brush for an even, gentle application
  • Face mask brush with flexible silicone tips

Hygienic use of face mask brushes

Your face mask brush should be cleaned after every use so that any residue from the face mask does not dry on the brush. Remove any coarse dirt with a face tissue and then wash the brush thoroughly.

To enjoy your beauty tool for longer, you can also use brush cleaners. These will clean your brushes gently and leave them supple.

Buy brushes for face masks, scrubs and creams online at parfumdreams

Face mask brushes are incredibly versatile. You can also use them for hand masks and foot masks, and treat yourself to a pamper. At parfumdreams, you will find a huge selection of face mask brushes, as well as face, hand and foot masks for the ultimate home spa experience.

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