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Make-up removers – make-up removal made easy

To ensure our skin looks great and remains flawless, we need to take care of it. It's important, therefore, to carefully remove any make-up from your face on a daily basis. Warm water can be useful for this. However, to remove the final traces of make-up, a make-up remover is recommended. This will remove any residue from the pores and ensure a glowing complexion.

Overview of different types of make-up remover

Make-up makes our skin glow. It conceals uneven skin tones, covers up spots and neutralises red patches. Everyone uses make-up for a different reason. However, blusher, lipstick, eyebrow products, concealer and the like should be removed from your face every evening. Removing make-up from your skin allows your skin to breathe. This helps the skin remain smooth and even.

  • Cleansing milk: Cleansing milk often comes in a practical little bottle. The product can be easily applied to the skin using a cotton wool pad. Remove the make-up using gentle circular motions. You can then finish cleansing the skin with lukewarm water and a little tonic.
  • Micellar water: It is possible to carry out a gentle yet deep cleanse using micellar cleansing water. Apply the product to a cotton wool pad and carefully remove any make-up from your face. A subsequent cleanse with warm water is not necessary.
  • Cleansing foam: Squeeze a little cleansing foam into your hand and lather it up with a little water. This is an easy and gentle way to cleanse your face.
  • Make-up remover cloths: This make-up remover is practical for when you're at home or away. Simply take one or two cloths out of the packet and carefully remove any make-up from all areas of your face. The cloths should then be removed.

A thorough facial cleanse with an eye make-up remover should be part of your care regime on a daily basis. You can only remove make-up and dirt particles if you care for your skin. Your pores won't get blocked the same and spots are less likely to appear.

The right make-up remover for your skin type

Gentle care is advised for dry and sensitive skin. Use make-up remover oil containing hydrating and nourishing ingredients. These support the epidermis with cell renewal and leave the skin feeling great.

Technique for dry and sensitive skin: Rinse off the cleansing milk or cleansing mousse with lukewarm water. Do not use hot water. This could further irritate the skin. Once the skin is dry, use a thermal water spray or light cream on the skin.

For oily skin or combination skin, a deep cleanse is necessary. This will remove excess oil and sebum along with the make-up. Make-up removers that are rinsed off with water are best suited for this. This cleansing routine leaves the skin optimally cleansed and relaxed.

Technique for oily or combination skin: Combine a small amount of oil-free make-up remover with a little water and distribute evenly over your face. Rinse the product off carefully in order to remove the final traces of make-up. Now use a little cleansing water to soothe the skin.

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Whether your skin is dry, sensitive or oily, there is a corresponding make-up remover to suit every skin type. Simply make sure that you remove any make-up, sweat and dirt from your skin on a daily basis. This allows the epidermis to recover from the stresses of the day without any problems. Complete your care regime with a cream so that the skin can regenerate, ensuring beautiful, even skin.