Vetiver perfumes

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Vetiver fragrances – woody, balsamic and intense

Vetiver is a tropical sweet grass of Asian origin. It’s strong roots grow up to three metres deep while the grass can actually grow up to 50 and 150cm in height. In some areas, vetiver is planted to prevent soil erosion. The roots of these plants are key to perfume manufacture as an aromatic oil can be extracted from them. The oil is dark and viscous. Indian men have traditionally applied this directly on their skin.

The vetiver fragrance is recognisable by its strong, voluminous, deep and heavy aromas reminiscent of the forest floor and marsh. Various nuances gradually unfold after the application of a vetiver perfume. The oil opens in earthy and woody scents. Later, it evolves dramatically as it is exposed to oxygen, becoming lighter with a green freshness. Vetiver perfume for women is a really unusual concoction, but ladies are increasingly craving this stunning and natural fragrance.

Stunning vetiver fragrances for women

The sensual and alluring La Femme by Prada is harmoniously orchestrated in a stunning, earthy and woody vetiver fragrance, blending exotic components with floral and fruity nuances. Frangipani adds a sunny lighthearted quality. Hints of ylang-ylang, beeswax, vanilla and tuberose enrich this beguiling women's fragrance with an oriental lushness.

Men's vetiver fragrance

La Nuit De L'Homme by YSL is an eloquent fragrance for men who treat themselves to the promise of rich and sensual nocturnal adventures. In this men’s fragrance, earthy vetiver base notes transform into an erotic embrace of mind and soul. Fresh bergamot and anise meld with the warm and woody nuances of black pepper in the head note. Lavender, incense resin, patchouli and vanilla add an exclusive oriental hint to vetiver perfume for men.

The Prada Luna Rossa Ocean is an incredibly fresh, citrusy, light summer fragrance that is also wonderfully masculine and strong. Mugwort, pink pepper and bergamot, with lavender, saffron and iris lend this men's fragrance an unrivalled rich versatility which gradually unfolds on the skin. Patchouli, musk and vetiver scents make up the heart notes and render the fragrance into an olfactory experience that is animalic yet fresh and woody.

A timeless classic, Valentino Uomo is for the confident man. It beautifully encapsulates la dolce vita and fuses it with a luxurious aura. Fine citrus bergamot scents are combined with mysterious myrtle green. Aromatic ingredients such as chocolate, coffee beans and hazelnut offer these velvet fragrances appealing contrasts. Woody notes masterfully round off this exclusive men’s fragrance.

Unisex perfume with green vetiver

A bitter woody scent sheathed in an intense earthy vetiver – introducing the elegant classic Vétiver by Prada. This fragrance is the ideal companion for modern men or even women who enjoy being embraced by bitter vetiver fragrances. It demonstrates both woody spicy nuances as well as finely scented grassy aromatic accords. Ginger, sweet grass and bergamot offer finely aromatic and fruity accents, which are accompanied by cardamom, estragon and neroli. A hint of delicate rose can be sensed in the head note, creating a lingering powdery scent.

Discover vetiver fragrances with their earthy, woody and balsamic nuances that combine with other notes to produce intriguingly beautiful concoctions. Order online now at parfumdreams.