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Hair gel: Sleek looks for short and long hair

One of the classic hairstyling products is hair gel. The product is especially good for styling short hair. The hold is also unbeatable. But hair gel can also be used to style long hair. It provides stronger hold and tames both individual strands and the whole head of hair.

The right way to use hair gel

To achieve the desired styling effect with hair gel, practice is often necessary. Too small an amount can mean the hairstyle does not have the hold desired and too great an amount can make the hair look greasy. To use hair gel correctly, we recommend you follow these steps:

  • The hair should be either freshly washed and still damp or moistened with water from a spray bottle – this allows the product to be distributed well.
  • Depending on the length of the hair, you should put a hazelnut to walnut-sized amount in the palm of your hand and rub it in. As a rule, less is more when it comes to hair gel!
  • Now you should distribute it evenly. You should not apply too much hair gel to the tips either, otherwise it will weigh the hair down and make it droopy. So: Distribute the gel at the roots first of all and then work it into the tips and style the hair when only a little gel remains in the palms of your hands.

To get hair gel out of the hair, you should wash it out with shampoo. The gel can, in fact, be combed out but usually little white particles remain that look like dandruff. Also, the hair often feels sticky if you don’t wash the gel out.

What looks can you create with hair gel?

For a strong look with the hair gelled back, you need to comb the hair back after you have worked in the gel. The best way to do this is with a very fine hairbrush.

Wavy and curly hair can be tamed well with hair gel for curls. Curls are given hold and definition but at the same time retain their natural bounce. You can also get better definition with a special hair gel for curls. Plus, the gel prevents frizz so the curl texture is shown off beautifully.

Which is the best hair gel?

The best hair gel is one that suits your personal requirements, which differ from hair type to hair type. You can opt for a product that does not contain silicones and perfumes. We also recommend a hair gel without alcohol, as alcohol dries out the hair.

Hair gel comes in tubes, pump dispensers and in cans. Tubes are particularly practical as the gel does not dry out in them. Pump dispensers make the gel easy to use, as both hands are free and you can apply more gel without smearing the container.

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As a rule, you will find the best hair gel for your hair texture and hairstyle by trying out a few first. Every hair gel has different properties and you will need to try out a few to find out exactly what your hair needs and how to achieve the styling result you want. At parfumdreams you'll find a wide selection of hair gel that you can order at great prices.