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Fresh perfume – perfect for any occasion

A fresh perfume is an absolute favourite for many people because it is suitable for practically any occasion. The subtle, revitalising fragrance notes provide the perfect pick-me-up to mark the end of your morning cleaning routine or to get you in the mood for an eventful evening.

Fresh fragrances for pure well-being

A perfume with a floral and fresh scent can have an incredible impact on your sense of well-being. These sensory stimuli trigger memories of nature – such as leaves and flowers opening in spring or fruit ripening in summer. Refreshing nuances include aromas such as mint or ginger, which add a touch of coolness with their subtle spicy notes. Fresh fragrances are very popular among both men and women. Fresh perfumes, especially those with elements that smell like pure spring water or the ocean, make you think of summer moments.

Elegant and lively – fresh perfumes for women

Fresh perfumes for women accentuate the positive side of every woman with their unique character. The Lancome Idôle Aura is the perfect choice for strong women with its floral aroma. The YSL Libre features predominantly sensual notes.

The floral, fresh perfume Valentino Voce Viva Intense envelops the wearer in a warm, sensual scent that is perfect for the evening. The elegant and feminine composition of the MUGLER Alien Goddess is inspired by the mystical beauty of an alien goddess.

The floral and fresh scent of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Dew perfume will have you dreaming of summer meadows moist with morning dew. Diesel Loverdose is floral, sweet and seductive all at once and delivers a unique scent experience with exotic, oriental notes.

Full power: Fresh fragrances for men

Armani Acqua di Giò Homme by Armani is a simple fragrance that accentuates a love of the ocean with fruity citrus aromas and a touch of cedarwood.

Prada Luna Rossa is bound to impress with base notes of woody amber and invigorating nuances of mint, sage and lavender. Anyone who prefers a slightly bolder fresh fragrance with a hint of mineral notes is sure to love Prada Luna Rossa Carbon. Valentino Uomo Born In Roma is a bold, seductive men’s fragrance with green nuances and refreshing notes of sage and ginger. The Valentino Uomo Born In Roma Coral Fantasy Eau de Toilette is a playful variation of this iconic fragrance that features fine nuances paired with apple and cardamom.

Ralph Lauren Polo Black Spray radiates sensuality and masculine elegance. The fresh scent of Ralph Lauren Polo Blue , a new take on the classic Ralph Lauren Polo, has an adventurous and invigorating character. Wanted Tonic by Azzaro is a fresh, summery fragrance that represents masculine seduction and comes in an extravagant bottle. Chrome Spray by Azzaro is a fresh men’s fragrance with a character that is light, cheerful and refreshing like a summer breeze.

Fresh perfume however you like it – unisex

Fresh perfumes for men or just for women? The invigorating unisex perfumes are shattering the idea that fresh perfumes are just for women. The famous Les Infusions by Prada is a fantastic example of this with its powdery nuances. Prada Infusion de Rose is characterised by the scent of wild roses. The fresh scent of Replica Sailing Day by Maison Margiela feels like a day by the sea.

This line of fresh perfume creations is beautifully rounded off with the Maison Margiela Replica Under The Lemon Tree and the Matcha Meditation by Margiela. Discover fresh perfumes with floral, aromatic and spicy notes for any occasion. Order online now at parfumdreams.