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Amber perfume – animalic and wild

Ambergris is a raw material that is only rarely used, and when it is, it is only used in expensive perfume. It is produced in the intestines of sperm whales. After the substance is carefully processed, which involves leaving it to dry and cleaning it, the ambergris is used as a well-dosed base note for perfumes. It adds woody, dry and balsamic notes and is reputed to have aphrodisiac properties. Nowadays, the raw material for amber fragrances is synthetically produced.

Amber fragrances are suitable for both women and men. Women can skilfully accentuate their individual beauty and sensuality with an amber perfume. Floral or fruity elements give these fragrances a wonderfully soft and feminine character. For men, amber fragrances are perfect for adventures in the city centre or a romantic evening.

Amber perfumes for women with sensual elements

With its floral, oriental nuances and subtle amber note, Diesel Loverdose is an intoxicating fragrance with lots of sensual depth. The fresh and fruity notes harmonise with spicy nuances to create a unique women’s fragrance with a magical allure thanks to the animalic components of amber, liquorice and vanilla.

The seductive Intense Libre by YSL is an intense, bold fragrance that plays with masculine and feminine contrasts. Lavender accentuates the unique, feminine side of self-confident women. The accord of vanilla, amber and vetiver combines with the sweet notes of orange blossom to create a wonderfully sensual impression.

The secret behind the exclusive and extraordinary Prada Amber lies in its expensive ingredients and sophisticated composition. Amber base notes provide the foundation for this seductive, feminine and elegant fragrance. Its long-lasting and sensual amber notes make it perfect for romantic evenings.

Amber fragrances for men – sensual and masculine

Animalic components give the amber fragrance for men Stronger With You by Armani a unique combination of masculine, magnetic nuances. The amber notes in this men’s fragrance are complemented by spicy accords and woody notes to create a sensual fragrance that represents youthful freshness and sportiness.

Valentino Uomo Born In Roma Fantasy has an enchanting amber scent that is complemented by fruity and spicy elements such as cardamom and apple, sage, geranium, lavender, vetiver, patchouli and tobacco leaf. This homage to the city of Rome feels like an Italian holiday.

In contrast, Cacharel Pour L'Homme sparks your imagination with notes of coriander, cedar and sage. This elegant amber fragrance for men is the perfect choice for classy evenings.

Diesel Sound Of The Brave is a powerful, masculine and extravagant fragrance. This fragrance with amber notes is aimed at active men that make things happen and never give up. It has an intense and animalic scent without being overpowering.

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Chrome by Azzaro has a light, aquatic and wonderfully fresh scent. Its cult status results from a sophisticated combination of bergamot, grapefruit and ginger with aniseed, musk and hedion that builds on the base notes of amber, elegant woods, lichen and maté. This composition gives this men’s fragrance an unmistakeable character and makes it the perfect companion for hot summer days.

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