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Bergamot perfume – citrusy, sweet bitters

Bergamot perfume contains the aromatic oil from the peel of the bergamot fruit. They belong to the citrus fruit family and have an extremely intense taste and a fine, sweet scent. The fruits are eaten only rarely, because they contain a relatively large amount of bitters. However, these ingredients give the scent a unique, strong character which in turn gives perfume with bergamot an extravagant and fresh aura.

The highest quality bergamot oil comes from Calabria in southern Italy. Here, the fruit grows well thanks to the sunny, dry Mediterranean climate and forms the fine fragrances in exactly the intensity that perfumers love. The scent of bergamot harmonises wonderfully with fruity and floral notes. Wooden, spicy and animalistic notes form exciting contrasts here, making a men’s perfume with bergamot wonderful olfactory experience.

Aromatic bergamot perfume for women

The fruity, tingling scent of Italian bergamot gives the MUGLER Goddess Alien sophisticated and feminine character. This exclusive fragrance composition awakens optimism and is the perfect companion for confident women that want to play with their heavenly beauty and the art of seduction. Sensual notes of bergamot and vanilla come together with the magical scent of jasmine grandiflorum and give life to memories of hot oriental nights.

Men’s bergamot perfume

In the classic men’s perfume Armani Code Homme, bergamot is paired with lemon to form a refreshing, revitalising top note. The soft finish of this bergamot perfume comes from tonka bean – a characteristic fragrance of the ARMANI Code series.

The perfume bouquet of the YSL La Nuit De L'Homme is rich in contrasts and sensual in nature. This elegant bergamot perfume for men emphasises both strength and power as well as a loving, tender side. Its fresh, spicy, smoky and wooden nuances create a mysterious aura with fascinating seductive power. The scent of bergamot plays with spicy cardamom in the heart note. Cedar, lavender, coumarin and vetiver add further interesting contrasts.

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The Chrome by Azzaro is as fresh and light as a summer day by the seaside. This perfume for men exudes a masculine and care-free aura with its top note comprising bergamot, grapefruit and ginger. It is accompanied by aromatic aniseed, musk and hedion, whose tingling spicy note is tamed by the addition of animalistic amber, wooden notes, lichen and maté. This aquatic bergamot perfume for men is wonderfully straightforward and is also perfect for young men that want to make their first experiences in the exclusive world of fragrances.

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