Aromatic perfumes

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Aromatic perfumes – a trip to paradise

Aromatic perfume is known by its fresh, simple and natural character. It contains base notes of fresh green herbs, leaves, spices and woody elements. Scents such as lavender, rosemary, sage and eucalyptus, as well as cumin, mint and basil may also be detected.

Oriental spices such as star anise and saffron will add a sensual, exotic touch to an aromatic fragrance. These wonderful perfumes will make you want to enjoy nature and have a Garden of Eden feel.

Aromatic fragrances give off a unique aura

Aromatic fragrances can create a unique aura that accentuates your strengths and charms. They can highlight the confidence of a modern woman and add to her beauty and sensuality with high-contrast combinations of floral, oriental and fruity nuances.

For men, aromatic fragrances are perfect for expressing a more masculine side, athleticism and strength. Delicate floral nuances provide interesting contrasts and result in amazing versatility.

Aromatic perfumes for women with spicy and natural notes

The aromatic YSL Libre for women plays with bold contrasts. Warm, feminine notes of orange are contrasted with masculine and rather cool aromas of lavender, giving this fragrance a sensual and unique character.

In the case of Mutiny by Maison Margiela, floral nuances are contrasted with aromatic scents reminiscent of oriental opulence. A touch of saffron is combined with the floral scent of tuberose to create a wonderful fragrance that is self-assured, passionate and streamlined.

Bold, invigorating notes – aromatic fragrances for men

The Valentino Born in Roma Uomo features a sophisticated blend of woody, smoky and delicate nuances. This gives the fragrance a masculine, fresh and sensual quality. Aromatic scents of ginger and lemon essence, vetiver essence, guajak wood essence and leather combine to form a unique blend with contrasting yet fascinating accents.

The Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Infrared ignites a magnetic seduction game that burns like a flame. Unusual ingredients such as amber, red berry and chilli give this aromatic fragrance a unique character. A delicate tobacco aroma accentuates the masculine side and works beautifully with the sensual, woody nuances of this fragrance.

Ralph Lauren Polo Man stands for athleticism, energy and speed. Its unusual blend of lemon, mint, fruity notes and rare woods give this aromatic fragrance a masculine and sporty character. This fantastic men's fragrance has the potential to be a real classic.

Aromatic perfumes for all – unisex

The aromatic Coffee Break by Maison Margiela from the Replica collection is designed to evoke memories of specific places and moments in time. Its spicy, floral scent with a delicate composition and notes of coffee, milk and lavender will appeal equally to any gender.

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