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Safety razors & accessories – smooth skin and sustainability

Long before razors with several blades were a thing, safety razors were very popular in the man’s world. Then they disappeared for the most part but have now returned and are available in a range of designs. The special thing about safety razors: These razors usually have just one handle and one single razor blade. As this type of shaving device does not have a blade guard, it is advisable to exercise some caution when using this razor. But if you can get the hang of it, you will have a reliable, practical and sustainable razor for men that is all your own.

Safety razors & accessories for the classic shave

It’s not just men who can use the safety razor. An increasing number of women are taking the traditional route and using the classic shaving method. Because, unlike with many shaving implements, there is no annoying plastic waste with safety razors and their accessories. Plus, shaving can be really easy, if you follow a few small tips:

  • Prepare the skin for the shave: The best time to use a safety razor on the skin is when the bristles are around five to six millimetres long. It is also best to shave after a shower or bath. The skin is then soft and the pores are open. So the shave is much easier to do.
  • Use shaving gel or shaving foam: even if the skin is washed and soft, you should apply a shaving gel or shaving foam . In this way, the skin is best protected and the safety razor for men glides more effectively over the areas to be shaved.
  • Hold the safety razor correctly: For a careful and safe shave, the safety razor for men should glide across the skin at an angle of 30 degrees. It is advisable to shave using several short strokes. Take your time and you will be able to shave without cutting yourself.
  • Cleanse and moisturise the skin: once you have finished shaving, get rid of any remaining bristles and shaving products. Finally, it is sensible to apply a moisturising cream or balm to care for the skin and soothe it.

Don’t just wash your skin after shaving though. Also clean the safety razor and dry it off carefully once you have finished. Loosen the razor head to remove all the little hairs. Undo the screw and get rid of all the shaving remains. Now the blade is ready for the next shave.

Have a stylish shave with a safety razor and shaving accessories

A safety razor rarely comes alone. They are frequently available in practical sets with various gadgets. Along with a bag, there can also be a razor holder and shaving brush. So you’ve got all the accessories you need right away for a successful shave.

However, it is important to use all the components correctly and clean them well when you have finished. A safety razor for men works only as well as you use it. Use the brush to apply shaving foam evenly and generously to the skin. Take advantage of the razor’s own weight to remove all the bristles from the surface of the skin using gentle pressure.

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Safety razors for men are experiencing a real comeback. They work reliably, are composed of the best materials and do not contain any plastic. Plus, the blade has to be changed only occasionally. So they don’t create an undesirable mountain of rubbish. At parfumdreams there are many attractive safety razors for men that will make your shave a real experience from now on.