Pedicure tools

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Regular pedicures with the right accessories

Pedicures are often neglected, even though our feet are our staunchest supporters. They carry our body weight and take us everywhere, so they deserve regular care with high-quality tools for pedicure.

There are also good medical reasons for taking care of your feet, not just visual ones. If they are not cared for properly or at all, toenails can become ingrown, which can lead to inflammation. Calluses can also be a problem. If small cracks form in the hard skin, germs can get in, so it is important to remove the hard skin regularly and keep it supple.

Pedicure tools: What is involved?

Pedicure accessories not only contain utensils for shortening and filing toenails, but also various items that can be used to treat the hard skin. These include:

  • Pumice stone
  • Corn plaster
  • Corn plane
  • Corn file – manual or electric
  • Callus sponge
  • Corn cream
  • Corn plaster

Foot care accessories for your foot care routine

Calluses are perfectly normal and form on areas of the feet that are exposed to frequent friction. That said, they can grow excessively and then become a problem for sufferers because they can split, which is why they should be removed on a regular basis. But with the rightpedicure accessories, you can keep your feet supple and smooth.

Before using a plane or file, soak your feet in a foot bath to soften them. Special foot baths additionally care for the skin and have a pleasant fragrance. You can then use a pumice stone, a file or a plane to remove the excess hard skin. To make your skin even more supple, you can treat them with a foot cream.

What else belongs to pedicure accessories?

Besides caring for your feet and calluses, your toenails also need regular trimming. You need the following tools to care for your toenails:

  • A nail clipper
  • A pair of nail scissors
  • A nail file
  • A pair of cuticle scissors

If your toenails are prone to becoming ingrown, a pair of nail nippers can also help you trim your nails properly.

At parfumdreams you can find every foot care accessory your feet need

Not everybody needs to have the full range of pedicure accessories at home. While some people will only need a nail clipper, a nail file and a simple foot file because they hardly ever have calluses and their toenails are very straightforward, others struggle more and need more extensive equipment. At parfumdreams you’ll find a wide selection of pedicure accessories and you can put together the items your feet need for both summer and winter.