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Eyebrow scissors – a must for every bathroom

Perfectly trimmed eyebrows add expression to your face. With eyebrow scissors, you can precisely shorten every hair and effortlessly shape your eyebrows. But is cutting itself a good idea in the first place? Isn’t it enough to pluck unruly hairs on a regular basis? Here is a summary of when eyebrow scissors make sense for you:

  • Dense, bushy growth: to pluck every hair individually with a pair of tweezers would take forever. With a sharp pair of scissors and the right technique, you can tame even the unruliest eyebrows.
  • Messy hairs: do your eyebrows twist every which way and look messy? Put down the tweezers and try out a pair of eyebrow scissors.
  • Eyebrow hairs that are too long: why pluck a hair out entirely when you can easily trim it to the desired length using scissors?
  • You feel like a change: if you have previously only plucked your eyebrows, trimming with scissors can let you discover new variations and shapes.

The right pair of eyebrow scissors is a must when trimming. Whether straight or curved: the blade must be sharp and short to produce a precise cut. The handle is usually made of plastic or metal. This means the eyebrow scissors are easy to grip.

How to use eyebrow scissors

So that you can create the perfect eyebrow shape with your eyebrow scissors, you will also need: a mirror, good light and a clean mascara brush or an eyebrow comb. Clean and dry your face. Now comb your eyebrows upwards in the desired direction. You will be able to see the hairs that are too long right away.

Now it’s time for the eyebrow scissors to show what they can do: carefully trim the long hairs, starting on the inner edge of the eyebrow. Approach the desired length gradually so you don’t trim too much by mistake.

Are you happy with the length? Now comb your eyebrows downwards in the desired direction and repeat the process with the eyebrow scissors. Then treat your eyebrows to some nourishing serum or style them as you usually would.

Eyebrow scissors and their special features

You might be asking yourself whether you really need special eyebrow scissors. The clear answer: is yes. After all, you are using these scissors very close to your eyes. You don’t want to injure yourself or spread germs to your eyes from household scissors or nail scissors.

The sharper they are, the more precisely you can work. The hairs of your eyebrows are particularly fine. That’s why the complete blade of your eyebrow scissors must be sharp enough all the way down to the tip. Ideally, the tip itself will be rounded to prevent injuries.

Finally, the eyebrow scissors must sit well in the hand. You have to be able to work with them comfortably without your fingers falling asleep or having to get in an awkward position. Additionally, the handle should not slip out of your hand and enable you to operate the eyebrow scissors with a high level of precision.

Find your eyebrow scissors at parfumdreams

Do you want an expressive look with perfectly trimmed eyebrows? No matter if you want stylish feather brows or precise sleek brows: eyebrow scissors are a must-have beauty accessory. Together with a pair of tweezers and a brush, they ensure that your eyebrows always look amazing.

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