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Men’s wet razors – useful tips for a successful wet shave

Some men prefer a beard, others prefer a clean-shaven face. But whether facial hair is welcome or not, just about every man needs to pick up a razor from time to time. You need it to trim a beard or remove stubble altogether. Whatever the job, a wet shaver for men is ideal, leaving beard hairs with no chance.

Every shave is quick and easy with a wet razor

There are different types of wet razors on the market. The most popular models have about three to six blades. This helps give a fast, precise shave. But before you can actually use a shaving razor, you need to take a few precautions:

  • Prepare your face for a shave: Before shaving, cleanse your skin with lukewarm water. This will help to remove dirt from the skin and prepare it for the next step. Then dry your face with a clean towel.
  • Apply shaving gel or shaving foam: Your next step is to apply shaving gel or shaving foam to the facial skin. Never use a men’s razor without using these products. They protect the skin and facilitate the shave in many ways. They help protect your skin from irritation, redness or cuts.
  • Use a wet razor to shave practically any area of the face: Now the wet razor can do its job. First, draw the razor over the contours of the face with the grain. Follow the direction of hair growth. Now shave again against the grain. This helps to remove every facial hair without stressing the skin too much.
  • Clean the face and wet razor: Once you have finished shaving, remove excess skin care products from the skin. Also clean your wet razor. Do this carefully so that the men’s razor is ready for use the next time.

After shaving, examine the skin on your face. If the skin feels soft and velvety, then all the stubble has been removed. Now finish off your skincare routine with a facial product or an after shave. This helps prevent spots and redness. Pores also close and can recover.

Keep skin feeling comfortable with a wet shave

A lot of men like to reach for a wet shaver, it gives a reliable, clean shave. But be careful when using a razor. Run the razor lightly over the skin. Apply a little pressure, but make sure the blades do not damage or irritate the skin. Now carefully shave the skin with and against the grain. Ein Durchgang für jede Hautpartie sollte ausreichen. This minimises the stress on the skin.

For a successful shave, first shave the cheeks and then the neck and chin with the shaving razor for men. Finish off with the facial area around the mouth. The skin on the chin and top lip is particularly thin. So be gentle shaving these areas. The longer shaving gel or shaving foam has been allowed to work on the skin, the softer the beard hair and the easier it is to remove.

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A wet razor for men is an excellent way to remove hair from sensitive facial skin in the best possible way. At parfumdreams you will find a variety of wet shaving appliances suited for shaving your beard. Always use an undamaged razor and sharp blades, as this helps to reduce skin irritation and effectively removes beard stubble. For facial skin that is soft to the touch and worth looking at.