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Hand & nail care kits: Everything for beautiful hands

Beautiful hands and well-manicured nails are a statement piece and often the first impression you get of a person. But hand and nail care is not only about looks and beauty, it is also important from a health point of view.

Hand & nail care kits can prevent many nuisances, such as ingrown and splintering nails, or painful, inflamed cuticles. As well as having a visual function, fingernails also protect the fingertips from injury.

What tools do hand & nail care sets contain?

Hand & nail care sets usually contain basic items such as nail scissors, a nail file and nail clippers. There are also manicure sets with additional products that count as hand & nail care sets. For example, they contain the following items:

A hand cream, a repair kit for brittle nails or a care mask for hands and nails can also be part of a manicure set. Nails can tell you a lot about a person’s health; in fact, some diseases can show up in the fingernails.

By taking care of your nails regularly, you are not only looking after your hands, but you can also notice any changes in your health.

How often should you take care of your hands and nails?

You should file your fingernails every fortnight at the very latest. Treat your hands to a soothing bath, a hand mask or at least a large dollop of hand cream. After all, they are subjected to daily wear and tear, wind, cold, heat and UV radiation, come into contact with cleaning agents when washing up and cleaning, and are washed or even disinfected several times a day. All this dries out your hands and can also take its toll on your fingernails.

Electric nail care kits as a convenient alternative

Electric nail care kits have various attachments and make filing your nails evenly very easy. Dead cuticles can also be gently removed with an electric nail care set without damaging the healthy cuticles. They make a good starting point for manicures and you can apply nail polish after basic care if you want.

Tool or cosmetic? The choice of hand and nail care sets is vast

Hand & nail care sets come in a range of varying sizes. Some might consist of a nail polish, file and hand cream and others focus more on the tools and give you the combination of scissors, file and clippers in a nice case. You can buy the basics for just a few euros – but there are also luxury editions that impress with their special quality, intricately ground blades and extra-long durability.

Whereas you usually buy this kind of tool only once and then use it for years, manicure sets that contain different nail varnishes can be bought again and again or given as a gift. Nail polish, after all, starts to wear off after a while, and many people like to try out new colours on a regular basis. It’s an important part of a beauty care routine.

Hand and nail care kits for every taste at parfumdreams

A nail care set makes a great gift, but you can also buy your own so you can treat your hands to a real pampering treatment going forward. Various polishes, creams and oils keep your hands supple, your nails looking well-groomed and your cuticles healthy. When you have beautiful hands, you feel good and carry that message to the outside world as well.

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