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Face oil: beneficial face care for all skin types

Regular care is not only good for our skin, it also boosts our wellbeing and self-confidence. If we regularly take enough time for ourselves, that helps us to be more conscious with our bodies and to remain grounded during hectic situations. Face oil is ideal for this because it helps our skin’s natural barrier to remain intact and gives us a radiant appearance from morning to night.

If the skin on our face is looked after properly, we appear younger and have a dewy glow. Luckily, we can choose the perfect face oil for every skin type. This not only works wonders for your skin, but also your soul. Because most face oils emanate a beautiful aroma for the perfect start to the day.

Beneficial and soothing: face oil for uneven skin

A face oil is also ideally suited to uneven skin. It hydrates the skin without blocking pores. It is also absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave any residue, making it ideal for your morning routine – be ready to face the day in only a few minutes. Face oilsfor uneven skin are suitable for the following skin types:

Face oil for uneven skin takes into account that blocked pores are often associated with inflammation in certain areas. The manufacturers of these oils therefore value ingredients that relieve inflammation. They soothe and refresh all at once.

Hydrating face oil for dry skin

Various environmental factors make our skin dry out over time. If we're suffering from stress in our daily lives, it is visible on our skin. But factors such as sunlight, dust particles, smoke, or an unhealthy diet can also lead to moisture loss.

A face oil for dry skin is recommended in such cases. This will provide intensive moisture to give you radiant skin once more. After applying, skin feels healthy and no oily residues remain.

Tips for applying face oil

For face oil to achieve maximum affect, skin must be thoroughly clean first. Most brands require only a couple of drops for the liquid to be effective. The manufacturer's instructions on the packaging will give you a better idea of how much to use. Apply too much face oil and it might leave behind an oily film, so it’s important to use the right amount.

Face oil should then be gently massaged with the fingertips into your slightly damp skin in circular movements. For safety reasons, avoid the eye and mouth area. Any oil residues can be wiped away with a soft cloth. This encourages optimum absorption.

Many users build their favourite oil into their morning routine. Your skin is nourished with beneficial ingredients throughout the day, for a dewy complexion that radiates energy. But there are also face oils which can be applied before bed to take effect overnight. A combination of both varieties is without a doubt the ideal option.

Our bonus tip: skincare shouldn’t stop at your face. Your neck and décolleté are also exposed to environmental factors and they too should be treated with generous care. Ultimately, they also contribute to a healthy and youthful appearance. It is therefore worthwhile to include these body parts in your beauty routine. The skin on the neck and décolleté is sensitive and it benefits from the soft texture of quality face oils.

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