Lily perfumes

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Lily perfumes – spring vibes guaranteed

Lily is synonymous with love and innocence. Its pleasant scent is a reminder of spring and guarantees instant feel-good vibes. The lily of the valley belongs to the asparagus family and is native to Europe and North-East Asia. It is usually found on the edge of forests, in sparse woodland and in clearings. While the lily scent is much-loved, the plant itself is extremely poisonous.

The lily scent, which is used in many perfumes these days, has captured the imagination of poets and thinkers for centuries. The lily appears frequently in the poems of Fallersleben and Eichendorff.

What does lily fragrance smell like?

Perfume with a lily scent has a clear, delicately floral character with green nuances. Just a small dose is sufficient in order to smell lily perfume. When making perfume, the scent of lily of the valley is used primarily for spring and summer fragrances. There are pure lily perfumes as well as fragrances that combine lily of the valley with other scents. Perfumers like to use lily when they want to create a fragrance with clear, white tones.

The lily of the valley scent has an invigorating and stimulating effect on people. Lily perfumes beguile the senses and have an exciting and refreshing feel.

Lily scents – the heart of a perfume

A perfume comprises a base note, a heart note and a top note. While the base note is generally defined by woody aromas, the heart note is distinguished by aromatic and floral notes. Fresh notes can be found in the top note. A good perfume has a harmonious blend of invigorating, grounding, relaxing and appealing fragrance notes. As the heart note of a perfume is frequently made up of aromatic and floral notes, lily of the valley is particularly well suited here. For this reason, the lily scent is frequently used for the heart note of perfumes.