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Nail care tools: These are the three items you will definitely need

Groomed hands and beautiful fingernails are your calling card. They are often the first impression a person makes, which is why you should pa y special attention to their care. Nails play a hugely important role and require a range of manicure tools to keep them in good shape.

Basic nail care essentials include these items:

What to look for in nail care tools?

There are significant differences in nail care accessories. There are metal files, for example, but these can roughen the nails too much, which is why glass, ceramic or sandpaper files are often the better choice. Nail scissors should also be used with caution, as they can damage the nails.

Nail clippers are recommended for trimming nails, as nail scissors can splinter and tear the nails if not used properly. If you want to use scissors, a pair of nail scissors with two curved cutting blades is best; preferably, with small grooves on the cutting surface. Always file the nails after cutting to reseal the torn horny layer.

Nail clippers are ideal for toenails, as they are usually quite hard and require some pressure to cut them. Nail clippers are a good way to build up this pressure. What’s more, nail clippers already shape the nails in a rounded fashion so that they can be cut off in a single piece. This can make it easier to shape the fingernails.

These manicure tools can be used to perform the basics of nail care and keep the nails short, both on the hands and the feet.

Manicure and nail design: More than just nail care

If well-groomed natural nails with a natural look are not enough, you can also opt for a professional manicure as well as nail design. Manicure and nail design accessories also include various tools, such as:

Manicure accessories: What do you need for what?

Manicure tools include products such as a nail oil, nail cream or cuticle pushers, which help you take even better care of your nails. Nail oil provides brittle nails with nutrients, and nail cream can moisturise rough fingertips.

A cuticle pusher can be used to gently push back any excess cuticles, but this should only be done after a nail bath once the cuticles have softened.

Buy nail design accessories: You decide the look you want for your nails

At parfumdreams you’ll find a wide range of accessories for nail care and nail design. Whether you just want to trim and file or finish your nails with polish, feeling good is key and beautiful nails can make you feel that way.