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Effective sun protection for the hair

Most people protect their skin from harmful sunrays with special sun creams or lotions. However, they often don’t think about suitable sun protection for the hair. This means that our hair and scalp are often exposed to the sun without protection. The consequences are dry and damaged hair that is hard to tame. There is a selection of various haircare products available for the hair.

Why is sun protection for hair especially important?

Every time we sunbathe, harmful UV rays hit our skin and also our hair. The longer we are exposed to UV light, the more likely is the risk of sunburn. But it’s not only the skin on the arms, legs and back that can be affected. Without sun protection for hair, our hair and scalp are also exposed to damage from strong sunrays. The hair looks dry and dull within a short time. At the same time, serious damage can be done to the hair. After sunbathing for long periods, the following consequences are not uncommon:

  • Hair breakage or hair loss
  • Nutrient loss in the lengths of the hair
  • Overstimulation of the scalp epidermis
  • Damage to the hair structure

Usually, the hair damage is not noticeable at first glance. However, a few days after sunbathing the first deficiency symptoms appear. But it doesn’t have to be this way: You can buy sunscreen for hair and suncare products that can protect you from such damage. It's important to apply the sunscreen at the right time and in sufficient quantity. Only then can the suncare products do their job.

How do I use sunscreen for the hair?

Whether you’re on a skiing holiday in winter or out in the blazing midday sun in summer – sunscreen is always suitable for the hair. The scalp as well as the hair, from the roots through to the lengths, should be included in your grooming routine. The product selection includes special sun sprays for hair, which reliably protect both the hair lengths and the scalp.

  • Mousse sunscreen: Distribute the mousse through either dry or washed hair. This creates a good shield from aggressive sunrays.
  • Sun spray for hair: A sunscreen spray is easy to apply to targeted areas of the hair and scalp. The protection can also be topped up when you are out and about.
  • Hairspray with UV protection: Also use sunscreen for hair that is styled. There are various sprays available, which are combined with UV screens.

In addition to sunscreen, après sun shampoos and conditioners can also complement your haircare routine. These haircare products contain valuable active ingredients that gently cleanse and protect damaged hair. This gives the hair the perfect care it needs after sunbathing.

On very hot days, we recommend you use a head covering along with sunscreen for your hair. Simply wear a cap, a sun hat or a scarf, so that the hair stays best protected from intense UV rays. In addition, after a day at the beach, you should always rinse the salt water from your hair. Also, a hair mask and products for the scalp help you to keep your hair nice and shiny.

Why is coloured hair particularly exposed to damage if you don’t use sunscreen?

If the hair is tinted, coloured or otherwise chemically-treated, the lipid layer of the hair is attacked. This means that sunrays damage the hair and scalp further. If you don’t use a sunscreen, the UV rays penetrate the various hair layers unhindered and can both damage the hair and destroy the colour pigments.

It is therefore advisable always to use a sunscreen for hair before sunbathing. At parfumdreams there are various sunscreen products available that are easy to use and keep the hair in tiptop condition.

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