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Vanilla perfume– warm, sweet and mellow

The intense, sweet and mellow vanilla fragrance is used by perfumers for the composition of oriental, sensual and softly fragrant creations. The vanilla fragrance notes can be soothing and stimulating at the same time. This gives every perfume an exotic aura. The fragrance of vanilla can enhance both a women’s perfume and a perfume for men. What’s more, the fragrance of vanilla can have a stimulating effect on the production of serotonin – which is known to make us happy.

Vanilla perfume for women – a feast for the senses

Vanilla perfume for women goes perfectly with floral and fruity compositions due to its mellow and sweet aromas. The best example of this is the Armani Code Femme, whose arrangement of fresh orange blossoms, bitter orange and jasmine is intensified by velvety vanilla from Madagascar. The fine essence of precious Indian sambac jasmine produces a sensual feminine aura with this vanilla women’s fragrance.

An Oriental fragrance that promises mysterious sensuality is exuded by Prada Candy Night. Its romantic aura with a warm, sweet and irresistible fragrance makes it wonderfully suitable for evening and night-time adventures. Delicate orange essences combined with cocoa, caramel, musk and, of course, a mellow touch of vanilla fragrance.

With the floral and woody Valentino Voce Viva every woman emphasises her radiant femininity. Tingling bergamot, fruity golden gardenia and fragrant essences of orange blossom and jasmine come together to create a fresh bouquet of fine fragrances. A woody base note gives this composition the perfect framework, which is accentuated by a vanilla fragrance note. This timeless vanilla perfume for women has the potential to become a genuine classic that holds the wow factor for independent and confident women.

Vanilla perfume for men – mellow strength

Vanilla perfume for men is rarer to find due to its rather mellow fragrance type. But an excursion into the world of mellow fragrances can be a genuine revelation. The sweet citrus Valentino Yellow Dream makes an impression with an elegant, harmonious composition. It emphasises the masculine sides of the wearer, creating contrasts with playful top notes of mandarin and pineapple, with echoes of cedar and the fine fragrance of vanilla plus a spicy touch of gingerbread.

Vanilla fragrance without compromise – creative gender-neutral perfume

Gender-neutral perfume Margiela Whispers In The Library combines the fine fragrance of vanilla with aromatic spicy and woody notes to create an unusual and impressive composition. These nuances are reminiscent of venerable libraries, whose shelves house precious folios, manuscripts and extensive book collections. The fragrance of vanilla gives it its subtle sensuality and irresistible character.

Discover vanilla perfume with its stimulating and mellow fragrance notes, which promote relaxation and a positive attitude to life at the same time. Order now online at parfumdreams.