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Body self-tanner: For sun-kissed skin all year round

A healthy tan makes you look refreshed and healthy. Even that pink summer dress looks different with a flawless tan than with pale skin. You can even get a tan when the sun isn’t shining with self-tanning products. Besides, sunbathing and going to the tanning salon don’t do your skin much good. The UVA rays cause skin to age prematurely, cause pigmentation and age spots, and they also weaken connective tissue.

So there are plenty of good reasons to use self-tanning products. Most tanning creams contain DHA, a dihydroxyacetone. This is a substance produced naturally in the body and is completely safe to use on the skin.

Tanning cream, tanning spray or self-tanning mousse?

Self-tanning products come in many different forms: As a concentrate, a lotion, a tanning cream, a tanning spray and as a mousse. But which is the best product for you?

  • Self-tanning mousse: A mousse lets you see the results quickly. You can see a beautiful tan appear after just 60 minutes. It is easy to apply and can be done with the help of a glove to avoid leaving any pesky stains.
  • Tanning spray: This spray is a good alternative for areas that are difficult to reach. Spray your skin with the fine mist and wait for it to take effect. In most cases, there is no need to even rub the cream into the skin.
  • Tanning cream: self-tanning cream is probably the best-known form. Like a conventional care lotion, tanning cream is easy to apply. Again, we recommend using gloves to apply the cream, so that you don’t get unsightly stains on your hands.
  • Self-tanning concentrate: A tanning concentrate is added to a regular cream or care lotion. The advantage: It allows you to choose the degree of tanning yourself.
  • Tanning lotion: The perfect product for those who prefer a light, natural tan. A small amount of self-tanning lotion is added to the body lotion to produce a light tanning effect on the skin.

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At parfumdreams you will find the perfect self-tanner for a great tan – all year round. When choosing the tan colour, make sure it is one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. This will stop it looking fake. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a spray tan or a tanning cream.