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Rose perfumes – a feminine fragrance like no other

Rose perfumes are incredibly feminine, soft and sensual. In order for the floral rose scent to come into its own in a perfume, it is combined with fresh, fruity or woody nuances that showcase its delicate beauty. Typically, rose perfume is almost exclusively used for women's fragrances. However, men can easily bridge these old-fashioned divides and experiment with a modern unisex fragrance to explore their softer, feminine side.

What effect does the scent of roses have?

Rose oil and fresh roses have a beguiling scent that has a positive effect on the human psyche. The scent has a relaxing and balancing effect on the nervous system. This is why baths with rose blossom or rose oil are so popular in spas. Anyone who loves this pleasant scent can give themselves a daily treat with a rose perfume.

Rose perfume – pure sensuality for confident women

The delicate and romantic scent of rose seductively envelops the wearer of Armani Passione Éclat. Its fruity fresh and sweet, floral notes will accentuate the unique personality of any woman and swathe her in an aura of glamour. It combines a sheer zest for life with the confidence of a modern woman – a rose perfume for a lasting impression.

Delicate rose and fruity berries give YSL Mon Paris Intensément a floral, fruity aura. This rose fragrance features different types of roses. There are essences of rosa centifolia absolute, Bulgarian rose and white peony, accompanied by floral and spicy, woody scents of freesia, datura and benzoin resin. This unique, exclusive rose perfume is perfect for wearing throughout the day, but also for a night out in the city.

MUGLER Angel Nova impresses with fruity and floral nuances that come together to produce a multi-faceted fragrance. At the heart of this composition is the exquisite and intensely fragrant Damask rose, which represents natural beauty and femininity. It is complemented by fruity and woody nuances that accentuate its uniqueness and the individual style of the wearer. The refillable, star-shaped glass bottle makes this perfume the perfect gift for the woman in your life who shines bright like a star.

The beguiling heart note of Viktor & Rolf Dew is composed of rose and iris. The summery, light and breezy vibe of this women's rose perfume will accentuate the feminine elegance and hidden sensual side of any woman.

Rose perfume – also a unisex fragrance for daring men

Prada Infusion de Rose pays homage to the incomparable charm and unique delicacy of wild roses. Its scent reminds you of blooming fields, intertwined forest pathways and unforgettable hours in the great outdoors. Despite the rose, this fascinating unisex fragrance is not sweet but rather fresh and green. Both men and women can feel great in this extravagant rose perfume by Prada.

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