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Day cream – beauty begins with daily skincare

With or without make-up: The right day cream is the basis of every radiant complexion. This typical product found in every beauty routine protects against external stressors. It nourishes skin with much-needed moisture, giving your cheeks a natural glow for a confident start to the day. Recognise a good day cream by the following features:

  • Pleasant texture: Day creams should feel light on your skin and absorb quickly. That makes them ideal for under make-up.
  • Less oil: the oil content should be no more than 50% so that the cream is not too thick.
  • Longlasting moisture: your day cream should contain ingredients to lavish your skin with moisture all day long.
  • Additional benefits: Many day creams contain SPF, provide a matt complexion, or help impurities.

Your skin's needs should determine the best day cream for you. At parfumdreams, you’ll find a wide range of products for every need and budget. The following tips will help you to find the right face care product for daily use.

Choose a day cream that meets your skin's needs

Love to be outdoors in summer and winter? Then opt for an SPF day cream, because UV light triggers the formation of free radicals in your body. These are reactive oxygen molecules which are responsible for early ageing. A good SPF of 20 or higher protects skin cells effectively.

Spend every morning looking at a shiny T-zone in the mirror? A matt day cream replenishes your skin with much-needed moisture while also getting rid of that annoying shine thanks to sebum control. This lightweight texture is especially beneficial for oily skin and yet it does not neglect the moisture your skin needs. So, you can leave the house with a healthy complexion which can even go without make-up in emergencies.

Day cream for demanding skin

Tiny lines around the mouth and eyes. Scaly patches and chapped skin at the corners of the mouth. Don’t let them ruin your day any longer. Banish all these difficulties with a moisturiser. As soon as you get up in the morning, give your skin everything it needs for a radiant complexion. You will notice the difference in only a few days.

Combination skin is considered straightforward but it still needs special care. Otherwise, there is a risk of a wide mix of impurities and dry patches. A day cream for combination skin is perfect for tackling this challenge. It gently moisturises without overloading skin.

Day creams also enrich sensitive skin. Is your skin often stressed as soon as springtime arrives? Try a fragrance-free day cream. Keep an eye out for the ‘sensitive’ label. Plant extracts help your skin immediately, without putting it under any additional stress.

A good day cream is not about age

Even if you can't see it yet, the skin's natural ageing process begins at 30. This is the perfect time to start using an anti-ageing face cream. It will help skin cells to regenerate and stay resilient. The skin maintains its elasticity and contours are defined.

Buy day cream online at parfumdreams

It doesn't matter what your skin needs, at parfumdreams you will find a huge selection of day creams from different brands. By using the filter function, it is easy and quick to find the perfect day cream for your skin type.