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Buy gua sha stones online: the perfect addition to your care routine

Gua sha supports the skin if you are noticing some first wrinkles, boosts circulation and has a positive effect on both the body and mind. The gua sha stone originates from traditional Chinese medicine. The powerful massage technique for the face gives your skin a fresh, rosy glow in no time at all. Check out parfumdreams and discover the magic behind gua sha.

Gua sha stone: gua sha made of rose quartz, jade and more.

Gua sha stones are available in various different materials, all of which possess a special mode of action. Before you buy a gua sha, you should be sure about which gua sha stone is right for you and harmonises best with your skin:

  • Gua sha made of rose quartz: gua sha made if rose quartz in a soft pink tone has an energising effect and helps reduce stress. At the same time, the mineral boosts circulation and can have a positive effect on heart rhythm.
  • Gua sha made of jade: the velvety green of gua sha made of jade soothes the body and mind. Furthermore, this gua sha stone is said to also combat impurities and swelling.
  • Gua sha made of amethyst: at parfumdreams, you can also find gua sha stones made of amethyst. This well-known purple healing stone promotes inner peace and helps relieve tension. At the same time, this gua sha stone is said to also have a healing effect on the skin.

While gua sha stones the size of your palm are often made of rose quartz or jade, face massage rollers are often made of clear quartz. This crystal is said to expel negative energy and relieve emotional blockages.

How to use a gua sha stone: Here’s how it works

Using a gua sha stone is usually extremely simple and requires just a few steps:

  1. Before you use the gua sha, thoroughly clean both the skin in your face and the stone itself. By removing make-up etc., you ensure that you do not spread any bacteria when using the gua sha stone.
  2. You can use a gua sha stone to massage both your face and throat. Fore optimal results, it’s important to always run the gua sha stone from the inside to the outside. This releases toxins through lymphatic drainage more effectively. A massage duration of five to ten minutes is ideal.
  3. After a massage with gua sha, the stone should be cleaned thoroughly again. It is enough to use lukewarm water and a mild facial cleanser.

Tip: for intense care, we recommend applying a face oil before the massage. This ensures that the gua sha stone glides gently over the skin. Furthermore, the uniform massage movements work the oil into the skin, thereby increasing its effect.

Buy gua sha online at parfumdreams – discover our range of care products

A gua sha stone is not only a great addition to an anti-ageing care routine, when used properly it also activates the lymphatic system and thereby promotes the release of toxins throughout the entire body. The broad product range at parfumdreams contains high-quality gua sha stones for your daily care routine. Order your gua sha stone straight from our online shop or browse the parfumdreams app on your smartphone while on the go – and make your face and your inner being glow with a gua sha stone made of rose quartz, jade of amethyst!

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