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Hair curlers for gorgeous curls without heat

Hair curlers are a particularly gentle way to conjure up soft waves in your hair. You twist them into your hair in just a few minutes and enjoy wonderful waves a few hours later. The trick is to wear the hair curlers over night. Say goodbye to excessive heat and give your hair some well-deserved rest. But you should keep in mind that hair curlers are more suitable for long hair. For short to mid-length hair, you should turn to hair rollers or use a curling wand.

Put on a hair curler before bed and wake up with beautiful curls.

There is now a whole range of different hair curlers for curls that basically work in a similar way. The plush bands made of velvet, soft velour, or satin look pretty much like the belt of a dressing gown. The best way to twist is when the hair is slightly damp or dry. The hair shouldn’t be wet, otherwise it won’t dry properly. How to use a hair curler properly:

  1. Comb your hair and part it in the middle.
  2. Hold the hairband in the centre of your crown, so that the fabric hangs down evenly on both sides.
  3. Secure the hair curler in the centre with a clip.
  4. Move all your hair to the front.
  5. Wrap the first strand around the ribbon. The wider this is, the bigger the curls will be later.
  6. Add a new strand with every turn. Make sure to keep the hair curler straight while you do this. It must twist with it, or the braid will unravel again at the end.
  7. Repeat the step over and over until you’ve reached the end.
  8. Secure the strands to the hair curler with a scrunchie. Wrap this around two to three times, depending on the thickness of your hair, making sure it’s tight enough to hold in place.
  9. Repeat the same thing on the other side. Always make sure to take strands from the front and back sections of the hair. This will give you bouncy curls at the back of your head and it will keep the hair curler securely in place.
  10. Put the headband for curls behind your head, crossed over. Take both ends and tie them into a bow at the front of your head. This way, the braid stays tight and lasts throughout the night.
  11. Remove the clip from the top of your head.
  12. Remove the scrunchies after four to six hours, unwind the band and gently separate your overnight curls with your fingers. Make sure that your hair is completely dry.
  13. A spritz of hairspray fixes the look.

With a little practise, you’ll be able to wind it up in less than five minutes. Make sure to leave the hairband for curls in your hair for a minimum of four hours. But you’ll get the best results by using the hair curler overnight. The longer it stays in your hair, the more fabulous the waves.

Tip: If you give your hair a little spritz of Sea Salt Spray before using the hair curler, you’ll give your overnight curls even more bounce. The sea salt it contains makes the hair more manageable. It gets a little boost in volume and texture.

Buy hair curlers at parfumdreams

With hair curlers, you can transform straight or naturally wavy hair into fabulous curls. Your hair will have to be a certain length. The hair accessories are best suited for shoulder to hip length hair. Products made from soft materials such as velvet or satin create minimal friction. This way, frizz and hair breakage don’t stand a chance. Hairbands for curls are a fantastic alternative to hot tools such as curling wands and straighteners, as they effortlessly shape your curls without any heat. Because they are gentle to use, they can also be used on coloured or damaged hair without any problems.

Discover hair curlers at parfumdreams and give your hair a heat-free makeover. Attain Hollywood-inspired curls with a new level of ease and care. You can also find suitable care and styling products here in the shop.

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