Hugo Boss perfume

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Hugo Boss perfume: luxurious, beguiling fragrances

Hugo Boss is one of the most famous fashion brands from Germany which has also gained much popularity in countries far and wide. With their timeless, elegant fashion collections, elegant accessories and beguiling fragrances, the brand’s designers cater to men and women that value high-quality products. The lifestyle label launched the first Hugo Boss perfume in 1985. It is still available to this day. Numerous other unmistakeable fragrance creations followed, which regularly became bestsellers.

Hugo Boss perfume: a breath of luxury for the senses

The German company, from Metzingen, can look back on a long history. Hugo Ferdinand Boss opened the brand’s first factory for workwear all the way back in 1924. After his death in 1948, his stepson Eugen Holy continued his legacy. He first made men’s suits, which went into production in 1960. As his sons Jochen and Uwe Holy took over in 1969, they completely changed the image of the brand and laid the foundations for the world-renowned fashion empire that we know today.

Over the years, the small tailoring business for men’s clothing transformed into the famous lifestyle company that offers complements its clothing collections with sunglasses, leather goods, shoes, watches and home textiles. In the mid-1980s, the Hugo Boss brand established itself in the perfume segment. The company has since launched numerous bestselling fragrances that underline the personality of the wearer.

The company divides the Hugo Boss fragrances into three brands: “Hugo”, “Boss (Black)” and “Boss Orange”. Each fragrance line embodies a different style. The oldest and best known are the elegant fragrances from “Boss”. The luxurious fragrance compositions cater to men and women with high standards and expectations.

Boss Orange Women stands for spontaneity and levity. These Hugo Boss Eaux de Toilette exude a pure joy for life. They also convey a touch of adventure and emphasise the wearer’s sensual side. The Hugo Man line is young and unconventional in character. The fragrances are fresh, fruity and modern and have a certain seductive note.

Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette: extraordinary compositions for her and him

A true fragrance icon amongst theBoss men’s perfumes appeared at the end of the 1990s. It combines timeless elegance with distinctive masculinity. With its fruity notes of green apple, lime and bergamot, floral nuances and a touch of cinnamon, the Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum is reminiscent of the fresh scent of an apple pie. The classic now serves as the basis for the creation of lots of variations. Hugo Boss presents a whole range of fragrances:

  • Exciting and unconventional, one Hugo Boss fragrance features vibrant, aromatic notes, green apple and smoky balsam fir. It stands out with its revitalising freshness and will put you in the mood for adventure.
  • Modern, masculine notes and warm, spicy nuances make an unconventional fragrance statement that underlines the masculinity of the wearer.
  • Men’s fragrances from Hugo Boss with powerful leather notes and aphrodisiac maninka fruit have a certain seductive appeal.
  • Elegant feminine compositions with fresh apple, juicy plum, jasmine, vanilla and cedar wood are full of optimism. They underline the femininity of the wearer and exude a pure joy for life.
  • A romantic, sensual choice is a Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette for women that conveys elegance with its beguiling, electrifying nuances of bergamot, musk and osmanthus.

One of the most extraordinary women’s perfumes from Hugo Boss s a composition with intense, feminine and floral character. It combines fresh cactus flower notes, rose buds, freesia, jasmine and amber with warm woody aromas. This perfume accentuates the wearer’s femininity in a very special way. It underlines the personality of modern, confident women that enjoy life to the fullest.

Shop Hugo Boss perfume: Fragrances that reflect powerful personalities

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