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The company has expanded its product range over the past few years. Whether you’re looking for shoes… Learn more
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Hugo Boss Fragrances

The company has expanded its product range over the past few years. Whether you’re looking for shoes, small leather goods, travel bags and eyewear, perfumes or cosmetic products, HUGO BOSS is a brand known throughout the world. Hugo Ferdinand was born in 1885. During the First World War, he set up his own company, Hugo Boss Schneiderei. It was during the Second World War that the company established itself as a world-renowned brand for sports clothing and workwear. The company has continued to expand its range of products for some time now, meaning therefore the range also includes a number of unique fragrance creations too. BOSS Orange Women and BOSS Orange Men will impress you with their intense, creative and unmistakeable scents. The BOSS Orange Sunset, BOSS in Motion White Edition and BOSS Orange Man Fresh versions are all wonderful creations too. HUGO Red has been developed for the creative man. HUGO Red helps and indeed accompanies you in pushing on beyond the boundaries set in order to try something new. On the contrary, there is HUGO Deep Red, created for the confident young woman of today, provoking with her passionate and dynamic views and dressed completely in red. Allow yourself to be accompanied by HUGO BOSS JOUR Pour Femme and HUGO BOSS NUIT Pour Femme both day and night. Both of these fragrances are aromatic and yet extremely snazzy in terms of the composition. Allow yourself to be accompanied day and night with a feeling of chic elegance and a beguiling fragrance at the same time. BOSS NUIT Pour Femme is primarily intended to be used like the "little black dress” for any occasion, as well as for spirited women who are up for a night-time adventure. One of the other BOSS Black women’s fragrances is MA VIE Pour Femme, a fragrance creation that radiates femininity and confidence. The fragrance was inspired by those personal, intimate and private moments of happiness that people have. We highly recommend that you try out the fragrances by HUGO BOSS so that you can find out what your own favourites are from its wonderful selection.
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Hugo Boss Parfum - exquisite fragrances for every taste

The famous Metzingen-based company, which today is also very well known internationally for its Hugo Boss perfume, can look back on a true success story. Especially in the field of textile fashion and perfumes, Hugo Boss is one of the most famous and renowned brands on the German market.

Numerous elegant clothing lines, Boss perfumes and accessories have already been created by Boss and have since delighted loyal customers who have always sworn by the quality of the label's products. But what exactly is it that makes the brand and its Hugo Boss perfumes so special? What is so special about the popular compositions? Find out more here!

An overview of the currently most popular Boss fragrances

There are many big names among the Hugo Boss perfumes. Among them is one of the most sought-after perfume classics of our time: the oriental Boss Bottled perfume for men. But great novelties can also be discovered again and again in the selection of Boss perfumes, which usually gain a large number of fans after only a short time. No wonder, because the composition of each fragrance is worked out with love and left to only the best perfumers. Find our selection of legendary Hugo Boss perfumes here:

  • Boss Bottled
  • Boss Nuit Pour Femme
  • Boss Jour Pour Femme
  • Boss Ma Vie

The different Hugo Boss perfume brands at a glance

The prestigious company divides its charismatic Hugo Boss perfumes into three brands: "Boss (Black)", "Boss Orange" and "Hugo". Each of the three brands embodies its own style and focuses on different attributes. The best known of the three Boss perfume brands is "Boss", under which famous classics such as the men's fragrance Bottled have appeared. Boss stands for elegance and high standards.

Boss Orange, on the other hand, embodies light-heartedness and spontaneity. The Hugo Boss perfumes in this line exude pure joie de vivre. Boss Orange Man is a woody men's fragrance that exudes a sense of adventure, Boss Orange Woman Eau de Parfum enchants with a heavenly aroma of vanilla, cinnamon and white peach.

Hugo is the young, unconventional brand under Hugo Boss. Perfumes like Hugo Man, Red or Just Different inspire modern men. For women, Hugo has fragrances like the provocative Deep Red or the new, passionate Hugo Woman perfume, which seduces with a fruity composition of boysenberry, Italian mandarin and black plum.