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Hair care for men: It's all about find the right hair care products

Every man's perfect hairstyle starts with the right hair care for men with high standards. Whether you have a cool short style or a trendy longer look: grooming is the decisive factor when it comes to creating an attractive look.

Washing & blow-drying: Hair care for men: a good routine

It shouldn't be an arduous process – this is a common reason why men don't expand their horizons when it comes to their haircare routines. A thorough care routine doesn’t need to take long – if you have the right men’s hair care products.

These days, a large range of selected products for hair is available for men. When it comes to conditioner, hair masks, hair tonics and dry shampoos, we’ve got the right product for everyone.

Hair care must-haves for men

  1. Shampoo for every hair type The right shampoo not only removes excess oils, everyday dirt, grime and styling products. Depending on the type and structure of the hair, it can also improve shine, extend the longevity of your hair colour and provide intensive care for stressed hair.
  2. Hair conditioner The right hair conditioner is the perfect complement to your shampoo. A hair conditioner protects the hair and smooths down the rough protective coat of the individual hairs, providing them with important nutrients. This makes it easier to comb your hair. Conditioner is particularly important for men with long hair to achieve a healthy, well-groomed shine.
  3. Hair mask for intensive care Hair masks are packed with nutrients for long hair and are highly recommended for men who want healthy, strong hair. It is enough to use one once a week. Important: Rinse out the mask thoroughly to avoid weighing down the hair unnecessarily.
  4. Hair tonic for more volume Hair tonic not only stimulates circulation to the scalp but also adds volume to fine, lifeless hair. Natural extracts, e.g. birch and nettle, are invigorating and regenerative. The advantage: The tonic should be massaged into the damp hair and doesn’t need to be rinsed out.
  5. Dry shampoo: The instant lift when you don’t have enough time to wash your hair. Dry shampoo removes sebum from the hair, leaving it looking fresh and relaxed. Dry shampoo is also a volume booster: Spray it onto the roots and brush it out well for a voluminous finish.

Cold water is a hair care trick for men

Men’s hair also deserves its time to shine. For the ultimate shine, rinse your hair with cold water at the end of your haircare routine.

All care products (except for leave-in masks and hair tonics) should be thoroughly rinsed out. Otherwise they can cause the hair to become heavy and lifeless, because haircare products are often very rich.

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