Men's fragrances

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Attractive men’s fragrances for a masculine energy

Good men’s fragrances boost a man’s overall look and style and can contribute to a good first impression. The perfume we wear reveals a lot about who we are and is a decisive factor when it comes to how other people perceive us. From energetic and laid-back to oriental and sensual – your fragrance collection reflects your personality in all its facets.

What types of men’s fragrances are there?

To better understand and describe men’s fragrances, there are different fragrance categories that they can be classed in:

  • Oriental men’s fragrances: They are shaped by heavy, spicy notes and fragrances such as sandalwood, musk, amber and patchouli.
  • Fresh men’s fragrances: They often have a lower alcohol content, which makes them seem lighter. Their scent is dominated by citrus notes, bergamot, red fruits and green notes and they are especially popular in summer.
  • Woody men’s fragrances: Cedar, sandalwood, leather and vetiver are popular fragrances in perfumes with woody notes. The fragrances are on the heavier side and they should be applied in moderation, because otherwise they can come across as overpowering.
  • Floral men’s fragrances: They smell like spices, flowers, orange blossoms, lilac and jasmineand are not overpowering but still slightly rugged and masculine.

Stand out from the crowd with an individual male fragrance

Some men’s fragrances are so classic and timeless that they have sometimes been around for decades already and are absolute top sellers. The classic men’s fragrances are very distinctive and recognisable and are often the first choice of many men. Buying a classic is a safe choice with less risk of making a mistake. Having said that, the world of perfumes is full of many other exciting fragrances just waiting to be discovered by confident men.

5 popular aromas in men’s fragrances

The raw materials for men’s and women’s fragrances are largely the same, but they are composed in different ways.

Typical fragrance notes in men’s perfumes include lots of natural aromas that, in modern perfume production, are generally actually made synthetically:

  1. Tobacco: tobacco amplifies every scent and is warm, spicy, intense and slightly sweet. Perfumeries especially like using it in combination with woody notes as well as floral notes.
  2. Leather: leather has a smoky, strong aroma which is also gentle and wholesome. Leather is especially popular in combination with floral notes to make them more rugged and less flowery and feminine.
  3. Sandalwood: sandalwood smells warm and pleasant, is slightly sweet and is often combined with jasmine and patchouli notes.
  4. Vetiver: the tropical sweet grass vetiver has a sweet yet rugged aroma and is citrusy and fresh in the nose with a woody note. As such, men’s fragrances with vetiver often include citrus notes.
  5. Amber: amber smells slightly sweet, woody and has a seductive aroma. Combined with floral fragrance notes, amber takes on a very masculine form and is suitable for men of any age.

Tip: The best way to put on your men’s fragrance

When putting on a perfume, don’t spray it on your wrist and rub it in. This can destroy fragrance molecules, meaning the men’s perfume will no longer smell the way it was composed. Spray in on the left and right of your throat – that is generally enough to provide the desired effect. An additional spray on the chest can further increase the smell.

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