Men's shower gels

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Shower gel for men – the pamper treatment for the senses

Jump in the shower in the morning for a better start to the day. With the premium shower gel for men you not only wash away the feverish dreams of the night before from your skin. At the same time, you treat yourself to a rich body care experience and pampering essences. The splendid finale is the sensuous fragrance that envelops your body like a subtle and seductive cloud, accompanying you all day long. But shower gels for men can do even more:

  • Rich body care for dry skin: Some shower gels are genuine moisturising miracles. They start to nourish stressed skin as you shower and continue to care for it all day long.
  • 2-in-1: shower gel and shampoo in one tube not only saves time. It makes your morning routine so laughably easy, you could even manage it in your sleep.
  • Shave and shower: if you want to make the most of your time in the shower, take your razor in with you. A Shave and Shower shower gel gives you a velvety shave and a divinely smooth experience.
  • Fragrant shower gel for men: To relax, all you need is warm water and your favourite fragrance.

Shower products for men focus on pleasing body care and subtle fragrance. The ingredients are selected with the utmost care so you can use them every day. Men’s skin also needs premium skin care. For long-lasting smoothness and optimal protection from external influences. You should opt exclusively for shower gel for men that is tailored to your needs.

How to find the perfect shower product for men and your skin type

You can never have enough shower gel. Fortunately, the tubes and pots are slim enough for several of them to fit together on the shelf at the same time. This means you always have the right shower gel for men to hand. Basically, your should let your nose be your guide. If you can smell the shower gel well, that’s a good reason to go for it.

Does your skin tend to be rough or sensitive? Then you should opt for the right skin care and give fragrances a wide berth. Would you like to have smooth, soft skin? Then a shower gel with gentle exfoliants is the best choice. If the scent is all that concerns you, the world is your oyster. Fragrant shower gel for men is available in every scent you can imagine.

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In summer, cooling shower gel for men provides a boost of freshness. Ingredients like menthol or mint stimulate the skin and the senses equally. You recognise these shower products mostly from their blue or green packaging or the description “cool”. In winter, masculine men also opt for warming ingredients like ginger. The best thing to do after your shower is slip into your cosy bathrobe and settle down in front of the fire.

You can choose a shower gel for men that has a matching perfume to go with it. In this way, you avoid unwanted overlays of different fragrance notes. Plus, your favourite perfume also clings longer to the skin. Woody and slightly tangy nuances in the base note often linger all day long without you having to respray. By contrast, zesty notes have to be refreshed more often to remain perceptible.