Flowery perfumes

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Floral perfumes – feminine and sweet

Floral perfumes are associated with femininity and softness. Sophisticated compositions which combine the floral fragances with wooden or spicy notes let the fine nuances really come into their own.

In this way, a perfume can smell powdery and flowery or go more in a fruity direction. Thanks to the unbelievably diverse range of floral perfumes, there is a surprising number of excellent and unique fragrance compositions to be explored.

Floral fragrances for women

The Cacharel Yes I Am Delicious brings the irresistible smell of chocolate together with modern, floral notes like jasmine, orange blossom and gardenia in a fascinating way. The Diesel Loverdose is provocative and seductive with its oriental fragrance notes of vanilla, geranium and jasmine. Anyone who prefers a floral, fruity perfume should try the Ralph perfume by Ralph Lauren. The Azzaro Wanted Girl is both luxurious and sweet with its floral, fresh and sweet fragrance nuances.

The Armani My Way is timelessly elegant with its balanced composition containing vanilla and musk. The breathtakingly beautiful fragrance composition of the YSL Mon Paris promises to deliver seductive moments which underline the femininity of any confident woman. The women’s perfume La Femme Prada combines a light and airy mixture of green frangipani blossoms with mandarin essence, ylang-ylang and sensual tuberose.

A floral perfume with an equally pronounced, sensual fragrance note is the Donna Born In Roma Coral Fantasy by Valentino with its light, fruity composition for summer days. The Maison Margiela Replica Flower Market combines floral fragrances to create an explosion of sophisticated nuances with unparalleled diversity.

Sensational and unique: floral perfumes for men

Floral perfumes for men are more of an exception. However, courageous perfume creators are not shying away from this challenge and are inventing wonderful floral perfumes which are both masculine and delicate.

The sensual and yet fresh L'Homme Prada L'Eau combines wooden and floral notes that are reminiscent of a clear summer day. With the Maison Margiela At The Barber's, the spicy base notes are finely contrasted with the scent of rose geranium and lavender, which give this floral perfume a fresh and modern character.

Unisex perfumes with floral components

Unisex perfumes with powdery, flowery components or floral perfumes with fruity elements brazenly defy all preconceptions and prejudices. Anyone that likes to experiment and try new things is well advised to give these varieties a try. The Prada Fleur d'Oranger unites zesty citrus notes with the sweet scent of flowers, underlining your soft, sensual side.

For the Maison Margiela Coffee Break, a spicy, floral fragrance is characteristic, playing with nuances of coffee, apple and sandalwood. This floral perfume is perfect for both men and women thanks to its balanced composition. Discover floral perfumes with unique fragrance combinations that underline your beauty and lift your mood. Order online now at parfumdreams.