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Foot cream – rich care for velvety soft feet

Our feet have to carry us from one place to another every day. They are our constant companions and have to do all the hard work, often in shoes that are far too tight or high. That’s why our poor feet need to be treated to a good foot cream.

Choosing the right foot cream

There are big feet and small feet – and every foot looks different from toe to heel. Although there are many types of feet, manufacturers also offer different types of foot creams. This makes caring for stressed, dry or damaged feet incredibly easy and convenient. But which foot cream is the best?

  • Intensive foot cream for dry feet: Stressed feet prone to calluses are often in need of extra nourishing care. Shea butter, lavender oil or arnica can be used to soothe the skin of the feet. They also help the skin to regenerate and loosen up, leaving behind a pleasant feeling and feet that are attractive to look at in sandals and other open-toed shoes.
  • Foot butter: Dry feet with cracked skin require special care. Foot butter cares for the entire foot from toe to heel, nourishing the skin with essential nutrients. The soft texture is absorbed straight into the skin. Panthenol and premium oils relax the skin. leaving behind skin that feels revitalised and soft.
  • Foot balm: This foot care product is suitable for dry and rough areas of the foot. The balm contains valuable vitamins and nourishing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, urea and essential oils This is an excellent way to treat swollen feet prone to chapped, dry skin.

Good foot care is available in a variety of types and sizes. Small creams are easy to store in your handbag and can be used on the go. Larger tubes and jars with 130 ml and more are ideal for giving your feet the care they deserve at home. Using a foot cream is as simple and easy as it gets:

Tips for intensive foot care

Feet like to be pampered occasionally. A good foot cream for dry feet or a rich foot balm is the perfect way to care for every foot. When it comes to caring for your feet, it is important to do so more than just occasionally. If you devote some time to your feet on a regular basis, you’ll have reap the rewards for much longer. Your feet will be velvety soft, beautiful and pleasant to the touch all at the same time. Also, remember that a little foot massage can work wonders. It not only soothes the body but also the mind. Treat yourself to a little foot massage with a foot cream and you’ll feel relaxed and revitalised.

Buying nourishing foot creams at parfumdreams is easy

There are plenty of foot creams to choose from. Our online shop has a foot care product for every need and taste. From small 50 ml product bottles to large tubes with 130 ml or more, simply filter out the best foot cream for you. You will see the effects instantly and have a pair of feet that look beautiful, well-groomed and feel sensationally soft.