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Wooden brushes – gentle care for beautiful hair

Heat isn’t the only thing that can harm your hair. Even brushes that are not up to standard can be a daily hassle for your hair and scalp. You can effortlessly untangle your hair with top-notch wooden brushes, leaving it soft and smooth. Feel the soothing caress of the wooden brush’s bristles as they give your scalp a delightful massage.

How good are wooden brushes for your hair?

Brushing is essential for daily hair care. You might want to be careful when you do it. Stubborn knots, if persistently tugged at, may cause hair to be yanked out or snap off during brushing. That’s why you should always prioritise the quality of your hairbrushes. Wooden brushes can not only comb hair, but also give them more shine, strength and volume.

Not only that, but the wooden brush also gives a boost to your scalp’s blood circulation, which in turn can strengthen your hair roots. This is the perfect way to prevent dry or damaged hair from becoming a problem. It’s important to use the wooden hairbrush regularly. Ideally, you should brush you hair twice a day.

Wooden brushes are suitable for all hair types. But it’s mainly people with long, very thick and curly hair who will really fall in love with wooden hairbrushes. Brushes with wooden bristles are great for untangling hair and make combing a breeze.

How do I take care of a wooden brush best?

Wooden hair brushes require special care to keep them looking beautiful and working perfectly for years to come. Brushes are like hair magnets – they grab onto anything and everything! Even dandruff, dirt particles and styling products. The ultimate guide to keeping your wooden hairbrush clean and hygienic:

  • Remove hair: First, remove most of the hair from the hairbrush with your hand. Smaller hairs can be easily removed with a pair of tweezers.
  • Washing your wooden brush: Rinse the brush under running water using a mild soap. Don’t leave it to soak for too long, as the wood might swell.
  • Drying your hairbrush: Allow the wooden brush to air dry properly. Pop it onto a towel in a nice, warm spot.

Keeping your wooden brush clean has never been easier! It doesn’t take much time or special products. The best time to give it a clean is in the evening, so the brush can dry overnight and be all set the next day.

Find and shop for wooden brushes at parfumdreams

Wooden brushes are not only an eco-friendly choice, they also eliminate hair static during brushing. They treat your hair gently and give it a naturally radiant shine. At parfumdreams, you can find a range of wooden hair brushes to make hair care an absolute delight every single day.

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