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Face cream – quality skincare for every need

Agood face cream cares for your skin and lends it a glowing complexion. It also boosts external resilience and helps cell regeneration. You should apply cream daily as part of your fixed beauty routine. And leave dry skin, impurities, redness, and tightening in the past. The following varieties of face creams are available:

  • Day cream: this lightweight texture is absorbed rapidly. So, you're ready in no time and can start the day with a healthy feel. If you need it, choose a face cream with SPF or a light teint.
  • Night cream: its nourishing ingredients will do their magic while you get some beauty sleep for natural regeneration.
  • Moisturiser: this skincare product is for pure hydration. Tiny lines appear reduced and your skin’s resilience to temperature fluctuations improves.
  • Anti-ageing face cream: special skincare to prevent natural skin ageing. A wide range of formulas are designed for different effects, working to maintain skin's elasticity and evenness and reduce wrinkles.

No matter which type of face cream you choose, it’s the easiest way to provide your skin with everything it needs every day. Your skin type is the decisive factor here. Is it dry, combination, or oily skin? Whatever you do, be sure to tailor your beauty routine to these challenges and choose a face cream that meets your needs.

How can you tell if a cream is good?

Want to buy a face cream but don't know where to start? First of all, you want a product that will meet all your skin’s needs. Moisture and oil are the perfect duo in the fight against dry skin. Both are essential if your face is often scaly, raw, or even cracked. Oil strengthens your skin’s natural barrier and prevents moisture loss. Additional ingredients in face cream for dry skin transport and seal in moisture, making it more elastic and able to withstand environmental stresses.

The time of day also impacts which skincare product to use. Choose a lightweight day cream so that you can wear make-up over it. For exercise or high temperatures, it makes sense to use a lightweight SPF cream or a rich face cream.

As cold winter winds ravage your face, your skin will be glad of the extra protective barrier. Ingredients like jojoba oil or ceramides can help you to withstand temperature changes, from icy draughts to warm central heating. For this time of year, your night cream can be heavier than usual. Because your skin regenerates best when you are peacefully enjoying your beauty sleep.

Get your face cream now and treat your skin

At parfumdreams you will find a vibrant selection of face creams for every skin type and budget. Spoil your skin with hyaluronic acid for added moisture. Indulge in ceramides for extra protection on cold winter days. Treat yourself to an even complexion with a tinted face cream and see how your skin recovers with intensive care.