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Hair brushes and combs for men

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Men’s hair brushes – discover your style

Men’s hair brushes make for an attractive appearance. They detangle longer hair, look after a neat short haircut or create a stylish blow dry. Whichever way you wear your hair, no bathroom is complete without a men’s hair brush and matching comb. The following products have also stood the test of time for grooming the hair of discerning gents:

  • Detangling brushes: At first glance, these little beauty aids may seem a little unusual, but the small no-handle brushes fit perfectly in the hand and detangle even the most unruly hair.
  • Styling brushes: Slim paddle brushes and round hair brushes style your hair and help to shape it exactly how you want it. The bristles are ideally made of nylon and are easy to clean.
  • Natural hair brushes: Treat your hair to 100 strokes a day with a gents hair brush made from boar bristles. You’ll be amazed how much it shines.
  • Men’s hair comb set: Whether simple plastic or a sustainable model crafted from the finest wood, your scalp will enjoy the pleasant massage whatever you choose. They also help you to correctly apply styling and care products.

Whether comb or brush, both need to be cleaned regularly. Remove any loose hair from the bristles after every use. As well as looking neat and tidy, it also helps make your hair feel clean. Regularly wash your men’s hair brush with a little soap or washing-up liquid and you’ll enjoy it for a long time. Leave it to dry well and your gents hair brush will be as good as new.

Brush or comb for men?

Having both a brush and a handy comb in your bathroom cabinet is best. Use a male hair brush if you want to detangle your hair in the morning. Every stroke massages your scalp, which not only feels good but also stimulates blood circulation. Your hair develops a natural shine and it makes you feel like a new man.

A men’s hair comb is the secret weapon when it comes to precision styling. Create a hairline parting, groom your beard or tame your mane with pomade or another styling product. Keep a comb in your bag as a quick emergency fix for when it gets windy. After all, you never know which way you hair will be blown.

What type of material should a men’s comb be made of?

Metal combs are considered to be robust. Made of lightweight aluminium or high-quality stainless steel, they are not affected by water. You’ll have this kind of men’s comb for a long time to come. On the other hand, a plastic version is very affordable. They are a popular first-time product. This type of comb is also easy to clean and they come in a variety of sizes.

Nature lovers aren’t the only ones to see the good in wooden combs. The organic material is particularly gentle at grooming unruly hair. Wood also has an antistatic effect. This means you never have to worry about your hair standing on end at the wrong moment. The same thing applies to a comb made of horn. Both materials require special care so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

A men’s comb set made of carbon gives off an authentic racing driver vibe. The material is extremely heat-resistant, so it’s perfect for blow drying or smoothing your locks.

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