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Pedicure set: This is why you shouldn’t neglect taking care of your feet

Your feet carry you from A to B every day and support your entire body weight. These small but important parts of your body should therefore be given the care they need and looked after well. And a foot care set can help you to do this.

In the summer, especially, your toenails come into their own again. But well-groomed toenails are key to feeling good in winter, too. After all, hard skin or ingrown nails can become a problem at any time of year. To avoid such problems, a pedicure set can help you to treat your feet regularly.

Just like beauty masks or a hair treatment, a regular pedicure is also part of a beauty care routine. A pedicure set contains all the tools you need to trim and shape your toenails and gently remove cuticles and calluses.

What should be in a good pedicure set?

A basic pedicure set should include the following items:

  • Nail scissors
  • Skin scissors
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file
  • Nail nippers
  • Corn plane

Toenails are best trimmed with a nail clipper, as a lot of pressure can be applied over it, shortening the nail in one piece. Nail scissors are more prone to damaging the nails – if the nail is cut with scissors, be sure to file it afterwards to re-seal the nail plate.

Nail files come in different materials, such as glass, ceramic or sandpaper. When it comes to toenails, it is important to make sure they do not grow in at the corners, as this can cause very painful inflammation, a worst case scenario would be removing the nail altogether. A good foot care set should therefore also include a pair of nail nippers. These are particularly good for cutting the nails at the edges.

Foot care sets are also available in an electrical version

There are also electric devices for foot care, which can file down nails and hard skin. The advantage of these electric sets is that they are lightning fast and give a very even pedicure. Whether hard skin or nails – the various attachments mean you can quickly get your feet back into shape.

A lot of people find the basic version with scissors, file and clipper is enough. Whether you use an electronic device or a manual pedicure set, both are great for giving your toenails a well-groomed appearance.

Painting toenails is very popular, especially in summer

It goes without saying, not only can you file and shorten your toenails, you can also prettify them. Lacquered toenails are especially popular in summer, as sandals or flip-flops show off the toes so well. Varnishes and colours come in every conceivable shade and anyone can find the right varnish to match their toenails, shoes or outfit.

How often should you care for your feet?

It’s best to take care of your feet every four weeks. You can then trim and file your nails and take care of any ingrown corners. You can also remove calluses. It’s best to soak your feet in a foot bath first, as this softens the skin and makes it easier to remove both calluses and cuticles.

Don’t forget to apply cream after every pedicure. This helps prevent dryness and leaves your feet hydrated and moisturised. If you’re going to paint your toenails, be sure to apply a base coat first, as this will protect the nail plate.

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