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Coconut perfume – exotic sensuality with a fine sweet finish

Coconut fragrances evoke exotic destinations. They have a sweet, creamy and fresh scent. Typically, the scent of coconut and coconut water helps whet your appetite and boost your mood. A pinch of these scents in a coconut perfume is often enough to transport this sense of fresh vitality. In the home of the coconut palm, the nourishing and fragrant ingredients have been used by untold generations for cosmetic purposes.

Fruity and floral fragrances are the perfect pairings for a coconut-scented perfume Perfumeries usually prefer exotic notes like citrus fruit, jasmine, ylang ylang or patchouli. Even woody, mineral and aromatic notes can enrich coconut perfume with enthralling contrasts. Vanilla goes best with coconut fragrances, which show a fascinating transformation when paired with this exclusive spice.

Lady fragrances with an exotic touch of coconut

Coconut fragrance adds an exotic touch to the spectacular MUGLER Goddess Alien, enriching the sophisticated composition with soft, creamy notes. This women's fragrance pays homage to women's beauty. The perfume with coconut and vanilla, bergamot and jasmine gives the wearer a divine aura and boosts joie de vivre with its fruity and floral components.

In Maison Margiela Beach Walk, the fragrance of coconut and coconut milk makes up a delightful base note caressed by fresh components such as bergamot, lemon and pink pepper. Femininity is amplified through sensual ylang ylang and animal musk. This Women's coconut perfume conjures up memories of days at the beach. Fresh creamy nuances provoke a longing for the Caribbean with its captivating beaches and buzzing night life.

The notes coconut and vanilla are practically made for each other and harmonise like no other. It's no coincidence that this pairing is preferred for soft, smooth and enchanting perfume creations. Vanille et Coco by E. Coudray is a wonderful coconut perfume with vanilla extract. Its lilting summer fragrance is given a fascinating variety with delicate nuances of jasmine, orange, lavender, aniseed and tonka bean, perfect for modern women with an exclusive demand for a special perfume.

Playful, aromatic and masculine coconut fragrances for men

Coconut perfume for men is somewhat unusual, as the light, sweet and creamy scent tends to be associated with soft, feminine aspects. Yet a coconut perfume can demonstrate strong masculinity if it is composed with robust nuances.

A fantastic example of this is Aramis Classic which has a natural scent. A sophisticated blend of oak moss, sandalwood and patchouli plays to the strengths of an imaginative and balanced formula. Green notes and bergamot lend this men’s fragrance chilled vibes, perfect for globetrotters and adventurers.

Explosive, bold and with rich contrasts, Issey Miyake Fusion d'Issey blends earth and fire with mineral notes. A refreshing whiff of lemon and cooling coconut water offer the perfect contrast to this pair as the coconut fragrance for men also gives rise to sensual and sporty masculinity. This fragrance is not for men who like to blend into the background. It is a clear statement of confidence and positive energy.

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