Apple perfumes

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Apple perfume – fruity, sweet and refreshing

Apple perfume has incredibly fruity, sweet and refreshing notes, evoking summer and maturity in autumn. Different varieties of apples can be used for unexpected nuances. Green apple perfume has a slightly sour scent and is extra crisp. Ripe German corn apples lend perfume a hint of apple for gentle, sweet and soothing tones. Pomegranate extract provides rich aromas with a subtle bitter-sweet undertone. Apple blossoms extracts, which are not fruity but are actually floral notes, have a uniquely fine and delicate scent.

What can be paired with an apple fragrance?

A perfume with an apple scent can be enriched by the exquisite addition of woody and spicy notes. Even animal ingredients such as amber or musk are perfect for wearing with sweet and fruity apple scents. In a floral perfume, the fruity apple fragrance contrasts and strengthens delicate notes like jasmine, rose, violet or geranium.

Fruity apple perfume for women

A pure joy for life, optimism and the power of inspiration is awakened by the refreshing, fruity and floral apple-scented Ralph by by Ralph Lauren for women. This apple perfume is perfect for sensual women who enjoy life to the full. The fruity apple and mandarin components are surrounded by subtle nuances of freesia, magnolia, iris and musk, giving the perfume a spirited and lively character.

The luxurious gourmand Wanted Girl by Azzaro tempts with floral and fruity nuances. Hints of muted apple give this perfume a sweet and fresh note. The scent of ripe pomegranate is given an intriguing versatility by peppy ginger blossom and orange blossom absolute, vetiver and tonka bean as well as datura and dulce de leche, perfect for summer in all its colourful facettes. The modern woman can wear this apple perfume with confidence day or night.

Men’s apple-scented cologne

The refreshing apple fragrance lends Emporio He by Armani a fine invigorating note. Sein ausgeprägt maskuliner Charakter has an animalic yet elegant effect – the perfect blend for real gentlemen. Sensual bergamot notes flirting with essences of Japanese yuzu, vetiver and sage give a refreshing and exhilarant scent, subdued in soft woody aromatic notes of cedar, tonka bean and musk.

The world belongs to the brave. This motto has inspired the sporty and majestic Diesel Only The Brave Street. Violet, coriander and mandarin aromas create a fresh yet masculine spirit. Leather, amber and cedar accents lend the apple cologne for men a touch of animalism and earthy.

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