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Violet fragrances – floral and seductive

Violet fragrances have been a firm favourite in perfumes for several centuries. They are synonymous with innocent love, and the tiny petals are often given as gifts in the form of a small bouquet.

Only a few drops of fragrance can be extracted from the small violet petals. Around a tonne of petals are needed to extract 30 grams of fragrance. As the extraction of natural violet fragrance is so laborious, this scent is often manufactured synthetically.

Which notes harmonise with a sweet violet fragrance?

If you want to buyviolet perfume, you will find a plethora of unimaginable combinations in which fruity, spicy and oriental notes embroil the soft violet fragrances. These are ideally harmonised with powdery notes, green wood and oriental nuances. Rose, jasmine and lily can also be melded with violet fragrances for a unique and infatuating composition.

Spring violet perfume for women

Violet fragrancescombined with delicate flowers such as iris, jasmine and lily are the entrancing head notes in Cacharel Lou Lou . Sensual and tender, they unite with the powerful nuances of heliotrope, tuberose, orange blossom and ylang ylang in the heart note. The oriental base notes add a mysterious aura to this women's perfume with sandalwood, vanilla, incense and musk.

With its timeless and ultra-feminine character, Parisienne by YSL is the perfect companion for a mysterious woman who feels at home in Paris or any of the world's biggest and most vibrant cities. She loves her freedom above all and enjoys her beautiful radiant visage which appears both innocent and alluring. This aura is amplified by a floral heart note with a violet scent and rose.

Men's cologne with a muted violet fragrance

The Armani fragrance for men Armani Eau de Cèdre flirts with laid-back and elegant Italian vibes. This composition features essences of bergamot, lemon, and violet. Caraway, sage and cardamom enclose aromatic notes. Smidgeons of cedar, wild leather and tea harmoniously round off this violet-scented men’s cologne.

Even the stylish Valentino Uomo Born In Roma contains unexpected tender violet notes. But the sweet-smelling petals are not used here, instead we find the fresh and grassy-like notes from the leaves. Blended with ginger and lemon essence, and vetiver and guaiac wood essence and leather, the result is a striking, wonderfully masculine, fresh and sensual fragrance. It lends the wearer an exquisite natural and wonderfully sophisticated feeling that lasts all day. Perfect for a trip to Rome.

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