Sandalwood perfumes

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Sandalwood fragrances for an oriental, spicy perfume

Sandalwood fragrances are very unique and are preferable for oriental perfume. The sandalwood oil used in perfume comes from the wood of various trees. The qualities of the scent differ greatly depending on the origin and tree species. The best and purest sandalwood oil comes from India and is extracted from the sandalwood tree. These trees should be at least 30 years old for a fine aromatic and pure oil to be extracted from the wood.

The sandalwood fragrance can be described as woody and slightly sweet with balsamic and earthy notes. Many people describe it as both sensual yet calming. That's why this scent is not only used in perfume but also in home fragrances and incense to foster a pleasant ambience and enhance wellbeing.

Sensual sandalwood perfume for women

The sumptuous Parisienne by YSL blends powdery, woody and sensual notes into a unique composition, flattering the modern and confident woman. Sandalwood fragrances and musk are the base note for this perfume, lending it a sweet oriental aura. Floral and fruity notes give this sandalwood perfume a light and exhilarating feeling. The remarkable bottle is particularly elegant, reminiscent of a rare crystal or a dazzling diamond.

Elegant and masterfully composed, Prada Amber combines precious ingredients such as sandelwood scents and amber in an intoxicating dance. Its fine aura develops slowly and envelops the wearer in a mesmerizing scent which lasts for hours, feeling both sensual and seductive. Animalic amber gives oriental-scented sandalwood an extraordinary profile, making it the perfect fragrance for evening adventures, making a grand entrance, or sharing romantic moments for two.

Sandalwood for intriguing men's fragrances

Powerful, understated and radiant, Armani Eaux Pour Homme embodies masculine elegance and strength. The fascinating energy of this men's fragrance plays with a daring and diverse composition of oriental, spicy and fruity scents. Citrus fruits, bitter orange and mandarin are enveloped in spices like caraway and neroli. Cedar, moss and patchouli infuse woody notes and harmonise irresistibly with a unique and precious sandalwood fragrance. With its woody freshness, this men’s sandalwood perfume is ideal for the active and laid-back man.

Elegant and harmonious – introducing the iconic Valentino Yellow Dream . The Italian perfume reveals a sweet and citrusy signature, with woody notes such as cedar and sandalwood adding masculinity that is strong but not overpowering. This men’s sandalwood fragrance evokes a trip to sunny Italy and flirts with oriental notes which reflect the diversity of fragrances in the historical markets and overseas harbours.

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