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Bath foam to transform your bath into sheer bliss

A bath full of foam is the epitome of relaxation for many people. They’re not wrong. Bubbles, great and small, create an atmosphere of languor in your own bath, leaving everyday stresses at the door. Quality bath foam does more than provide a relaxing experience, it also cleans and nourishes your skin with long-lasting effects.

Cleansing and nourishing bath foam

White foam, subtle scents and a vibrant colour are relaxing as soon as the tub starts to fill. Fine foam baths contain gentle tensides which remove the build-up of dirt and grease residues on the skin. Enhance your bath foam with quality oils, plant extracts and scents for a more luxurious soak. They will clean the skin and give it a silk soft feeling which lasts.

Bath foam containing natural ingredients

Bath foam is a hugely popular skincare product that can be found in most bathrooms. Choose from a wide range of scents and ingredients with every bath foam. Bath foams with rich ingredients such as cotton extract and almond oil are well-suited to dry skin . There is also a broad selection of bath additives available for oily and normal skin. These are often enriched with fine oils which stimulate the senses as well as cleansing and nourishing the skin.

Bubble bath for extra foam - how to create a heavenly bath:

There are a few tricks for a foam-filled bath.

  1. Use bubble bath. Shower gel and oils can also be poured into the bath, but they won’t give you long-lasting foam. Instead use bath additives designated as bath foams.
  2. Pour the bath foam in as the water fills and disperse it around the bath.
  3. Now it is distributed evenly and your first foam mountain begins to emerge.
  4. Don't wash your hair. The additives in shampoo are not compatible with your foam mountain. So, wait until the end of your bubble bath before you start washing your hair.

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