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Skincare set: why is it so important?

As we get older, the skin becomes more demanding and from the age of 30 at the latest it needs more than just a face cream. You can retain radiant skin with various products if they are carefully selected and used in a sensible sequence. A facial skincare set contains everything you need.

What does a skincare set for women contain?

According to beauty experts, at least four products are needed for facial skincare:

  • day cream
  • night cream
  • serum
  • eyecare

These different products are needed as facial skin has different demands in different areas and night-time requirements are different from those in the daytime.

Also, a skincare set in summer can differ fundamentally from a skincare set in winter. Whereas in summer the skin is usually oilier as more sebum and sweat is produced, in winter it becomes drier and needs moisture-retaining skincare.

What characterises the different products in a facial skincare set?

Each product in a skincare set for the face fulfils its own purpose.

  • Day cream: It delivers valuable moisture, refreshes the skin and lies on the face as a protective film to protect it throughout the day from harmful influences as well as from dehydration. It is always best if a day cream also contains sun protection to protect the skin from UV radiation, which is always there even on cloudy days.
  • Night cream: The skin regenerates overnight and can be supported in doing so by the right cream. The skin can be intensively supplied with moisture and nutrients at night by soothing ingredients like chamomile or green tea. Night creams are therefore usually richer than day creams.
  • Serum: A serum contains highly concentrated active ingredients that can support particular skin problems. Whether it’s niacinamide for the skin barrier, retinol for refined pores or hyaluronic acid for an extra dose of moisture – there is a serum product to suit every skincare requirement.
  • Eyecare: The skin around the eyes is very thin, more sensitive than the rest of the facial skin and is additionally stressed through blinking or rubbing. It therefore needs special care to protect it from crow’s feet and wrinkles. Plus, cream in the eye area should not smear to avoid irritating the eyes. With women it is also crucial that it is compatible with any eye make-up that may be worn.

Individual requirements determine the individual products in a skincare set

The right choice of skincare set depends on your skin type. Ultimately, every skin has different requirements. Whereas some people tend toward extreme dryness and have no problem with oilier textures, others break out in spots. Age also plays a role in choosing the right products for a skincare set. So the skin of a twenty-something has quite different requirements from the mature skin of someone who is fifty-plus.

Everyone’s skin is different and often a few attempts are needed to find the right skincare products for you. It is important to recognise your own skin type and to know whether your skin tends to be dry or whether you have a somewhat oilier complexion.

Shop skincare sets at parfumdreams

If you know your basic skin type, you can try out different skincare products to suit your individual requirements. Good products can be recognised based on various criteria:

  • well-tolerated ingredients that are, preferably, allergy-tested
  • few or no fragrances
  • few or no preservatives
  • the packaging gives information on all the ingredients and states which skin type the product is suitable for

At parfumdreams you get a wide selection of skincare sets and are given all the relevant information on individual products.