Citrus perfumes

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Citrus fragrances – freshness for every day

Citrus fragrances evoke a sense of freshness, sensuality and zest for life. Citrus perfumes are wonderfully light and playful. This delicate scent is flattering for both men and women, and will beautifully accentuate your active, confident and adventurous side. It will give a perfume a zesty note that evokes thoughts of warm summer days, sun and fresh fruit.

Citrus fragrances for women – sensual and invigorating

Citrus fragrances for women such as Lancôme Ô de Lancome beguile the sense with refreshing and zesty notes, which have a seductive and invigorating effect when combined with spicy and woody nuances. Sandalwood and jasmine give this perfume an oriental and sensual vibe.

The sophisticated Armani Acqua di Gioia, on the other hand, has a delicate, aquatic feel. Its citrus notes are masterfully intensified by nuances of cedar, brown sugar and animalic labdanum. Jasmine, pepper and peony give this women's fragrance a mysterious, elegant quality.

Seductive citrus notes give MUGLER Alien Goddess a fresh vibe and a tingling lightness. This sophisticated, feminine fragrance with Italian bergamot and intense Spanish jasmine exudes a real zest for life and will flatter the soft, feminine side of any woman. Delicious bourbon vanilla rounds out this exclusive citrus fragrance for women.

Citrus fragrances for men – sporty, elegant and masculine

Citrus fragrances for men such as Yves Saint Laurent Y offer an unforgettable fragrance sensation thanks to their unconventional composition. The invigorating combination of bergamot and ginger is accompanied by nuances of geranium, spruce balm, amber and frankincense, which accentuate the masculine, adventurous and strong character of this fragrance.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision is seductive, elegant and masculine. This spicy citrus fragrance is infused with soft, aromatic woods and resins to produce a unique olfactory experience. It is perfect for discerning men who know exactly what they want.

Anyone wanting to accentuate their sporty side should go for the aromatic and fresh-smelling Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Man. Its balanced and zesty composition with lemon, mint, fruity notes and rare woods develops into a unique fragrance that stands for fitness, strength and speed.

Sophisticated unisex lemon perfume

Citrus notes give the Maison Margiela Under The Lemon Tree a zesty, sophisticated character. With this perfume, men and women alike can send a clear signal that they have chosen an active and optimistic lifestyle. Sweet and spicy nuances such as lime, petitgrain, cardamom, coriander, mate absolute and green tea give the fresh lemon notes a wonderfully balanced, fragrant aura.

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