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Bar soap: Hygienic, sustainable cleaning

Bar soaps are having something of a comeback. They’re joined by shower bar soap (solid shower gel) and solid shampoo bars. Premium bar soaps are a popular gift, either for gifting to friends or for yourself. There is the perfect bar of soap to suit every taste: Exclusive perfumed soaps or organic vegetable oil soaps are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms. The parfumdreams range has a great selection of bar soap for every skin type, every area of the body and, of course, for the face and hair.

Shower bar soap for smooth hair

Shower bar soaps are just as good as liquid shower gels. They also contain high-quality natural oils, such as delicate almond oil, which smooths and softens the skin when used regularly. They also prevent the skin from drying out. Olive oil is another favourite ingredient in solid shower gel. The premium-quality olive oil enriches the soaps with essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, D and E. Shower bar soaps can be used daily and also lather up like conventional shower gel.

Sustainable living with solid shower gel

Bar soap and shower gels are not only pretty to look at, with their compact, natural packaging and long life, they also protect the environment. Depending on their usage, they can last for up to several months.

Other benefits of bar soaps:

  • They are often vegan: No animal ingredients are used in their manufacture.
  • They contain hardly any water (compared to liquid shower gels) which saves on transport volume.
  • The ingredients are often organic.

Solid shower soaps with an exfoliating effect

For velvety soft skin, scrub your skin with a solid soap bar that gently exfoliates at the same time. Some products contain tiny exfoliating granules, such as yeast or coffee powder. These small particles have a gentle, abrasive effect to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Shower bar soaps help protect the skin barrier and hydrate the skin with valuable moisture. Even if you have very dry skin, adding bar soap to your shower routine makes sense. The soap piece is compact, so the ingredients can unfold better while washing with warm water, nourishing the skin gently with intense care.

Buy bar soap and solid shower gel online at parfumdreams

Treat your skin to a new beauty routine by indulging in the positive effects of a solid shower soap. At parfumdreams, you’ll find a wide selection of bar soaps for normal skin to very dry skin. You can also find bathing bars with an exfoliating effect online at parfumdreams.Use the practical filter function to find your favourite products even faster and have your bar soap easily delivered to your home