Skin care, Fragrances and Cosmetics of Armani

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The fragrances of Giorgio Armani

The designer Giorgio Armani is one of the big names on the international fashion circuit. Armani Couture is represented on the catwalks of Milan and Paris just as much as the designer's seductive perfumes. Since the 1980s, the success of Giorgio Armani perfume has been unstoppable. Since then, Armani has continued to surprise with new fragrance creations.

The Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia fragrances provide a sensual kick of freshness.

The well-known Acqua di Gioia fragrances by Giorgio Armani invigorate the senses like a plunge into cool water. The successful women's fragrance is one of the absolute classics of the Giorgio Armani women's fragrances and has been making our hearts beat faster for more than 10 years now. The aromatic-floral fragrance is a tribute to women and the power of nature. With its natural and fresh scent, Giorgio Armani Parfum Acqua di Gioia is the perfect summer fragrance because it is as pure as water.

Giorgio Armani fragrances for men

This Giorgio Armani Eau de Toilette is also available in a male version - Acqua di Gio Pour Homme. This fresh fragrance for the man of the world exudes passion and self-confidence - combined in a fabulous scent that does justice to the man in all his facets. Masculinity and sensitive empathy meet here - a fragrance that skilfully showcases both the hard shell and the soft core of the man.

The absolute classic among the Giorgio Armani fragrances for men is Giorgio Armani Code Homme, the fragrance that is also called Code of Seduction. The male counterpart to the Code femme women's fragrance of the same name is the perfect balance between elegance and seduction.

The new fragrance from Giorgio Armani

The brand's latest highlight is Giorgio Armani Code Profumo. It is the new, even more seductive version of the classic. It is an eau de parfum, which is more intense and powerful than the original fragrance due to its higher concentration. Inspired by the impeccable elegance of a Giorgio Armani dinner jacket, the fragrance skilfully combines fresh and woody-spicy notes. Chris Pine is also the face for this new Giorgio Armani fragrance.

Giorgio Armani cosmetics are available to match the fragrances

In addition to the popular Giorgio Armani fragrances, the brand also offers an increasingly large selection of high-quality cosmetics and care products, such as body lotion, facial care or make-up. For men, there is also deodorant spray, deodorant stick or a matching after-shave lotion for the respective fragrance. There are also numerous fragrance sets available, which usually include a body lotion or shower gel in addition to the fragrance. Such a fragrance set is also perfect for giving as a gift. With the care products in the set, you can intensify the fragrance and be surrounded by Giorgio Armani perfume all day long.