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Finding a “Signature Scent” isn’t easy. Once you have found the perfect women’s perfume, you can accentuate your radiance and individuality every day. Thanks to the wide range of filters on parfumdreams, you can quickly and easily find your new favourite fragrance by choosing your preferences.

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Your fragrance is just as unique as you are. The selection of women’s perfumes includes floral, fruity notes, fresh essences and warm, oriental and seductive bouquets. Let parfumdreams take you on a tour of discovery to find the perfect women’s perfume for you.

Women’s perfumes come in the following fragrance families

If you want to make it easier to find your favourite perfume, it can be helpful to know which notes most closely match your individual preferences.

  • Citrus perfumes for women: Notes of lemongrass, bergamot or grapefruit create a refreshing fragrance that is perfect for summer.
  • Floral perfumes for women: Floral perfume notes are among the most popular notes in the world of women’s perfume. Amongst floral notes, rose and iris are especially popular. However, many fragrances contain a whole bouquet of different flowery notes that accentuate the feminine aura of the wearer.
  • Fruity perfumes for women: Fruity notes are a popular companion for floral notes. They add a light a fresh touch to women’s perfumes. And practically every fruit you can think of can be used.
  • Aromatic perfumes for women: Tart notes in women’s perfumes accentuate the powerful side of the wearer. Aromas of tea or herbs give the fragrance a spicy note.
  • Woody perfumes for women:Woody notes have always been associated with men’s perfumes and are used less frequently in women’s perfumes. Nonetheless, sandalwood and cedar notes highlight the warm and exotic side of a woman.
  • Oriental perfumes for women: This fragrance family features bold nuances that radiate femininity and sensuality.

Which women’s perfume goes best with your fragrance personality

The world of women's fragrances includes a diverse range of typologies in addition to the individual fragrance families. For many women, finding the right women’s perfume is about emphasising their own individual character. Fragrance personalities make it easier for you to find the perfect perfume for you. We will give you a quick run-through of the individual fragrance personalities.

  • Elegant fragrances for women: The inclusion of powdery or also floral notes accentuates the classic elegance and radiance of a woman.
  • Extravagant fragrances for women: Fragrances with extravagant notes create a confident and mysterious aura. These fragrances make women stand out from the crowd.
  • Glamorous fragrances for women: Of course, when special occasions come around, you have to have a suitably glamorous women’s perfume. A breathtaking perfume guarantees and unforgettable look.
  • Romantic fragrances for women: This fragrance personality stands for simplicity and pureness. Women's perfumes with floral or sweet notes are particularly romantic.
  • Sporty fragrances for women: Understated but still freshand invigorating – these are the hallmarks of sporty perfumes for women.
  • Seductive perfumes for women: If you are looking to emphasise your seductive side, then oriental notes are a great option, as well as warm, woody notes.

Which perfume for women is suitable for which season?

Even though you can, of course, wear your favourite women’s perfume all year round, there are certain notes that go particularly well with a selected season.

  • With the waking of nature in spring and the increasing temperatures, this season is associated with light and fresh women’s fragrances. Bright floral nuances and grasses are especially popular during this season.
  • Fruity and light perfumes for women help the wearer to shine like the sun’s rays in summer. Invigorating notes of grapefruit or watermelon transport you to your holiday paradise.
  • Women’s fragrances with warm and floral accords perfectly ring in the golden autumn season. Vanilla and woody notes are very popular during this season.
  • In winter, sensual women’s fragrances with notes of amber and tonka bean keep you wonderfully warm.

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Whether you already know your preferences or are just starting your search for the right fragrance: In our online shop, you’re sure to find the perfect women’s perfume for everyday use or for special occasions. Simply try out the filter options to receive recommendations for perfumes that match your own individual preferences. Discover your new favourite fragrance now at an unbeatable price at parfumdreams.