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Tinted moisturiser: A must-have for radiant skin

When it comes to their make-up, many women prefer not to use foundation. Although foundation can help to create an even skin tone, on long days, it can start to feel heavy and almost like wearing a mask. Although these women may not want to wear mascara, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to shine bright with a radiant complexion. In the best-case scenario, minor imperfections should be concealed throughout the day.

A tinted moisturiser is perfect in this case: It is applied just like a normal moisturiser and gives the skin a hint of colour. It provides the skin with nutrients and creates a wonderfully radiant complexion.

Tinted moisturiser for dry skin

Dry skin causes a feeling of tightness around the face and can make us look pale and worn out. Unfortunately, many foundations only reinforce this effect, as they often settle into pores or accentuate dry patches. That’s why a tinted moisturiser is a particularly good choice for those suffering with dry skin: You benefit from nourished, radiant skin.

The tinted moisturiser combines moisturising daily care with gentle make-up that creates an more even skin tone. When choosing a moisturiser, people with dry skin should look for one with moisturising ingredients such as aloe vera, avocado oil or hyaluronic acid. Natural active ingredients help to protect sensitive skin and support skin regeneration.

Tinted moisturiser in different versions

In the area of tinted face creams, BB creams & CC creams are incredibly popular at the moment. Both of these are types of day creams that nourish the skin and even out your skin tone to create a radiant complexion. Nevertheless, there are differences between the individual care products:

  • Tinted day cream: This 2-in-1 cream contains nourishing ingredients and colour pigments. This combination eliminates the need for heavy make-up. The active ingredients also moisturise the skin at the same time.
  • BB cream (Beauty Balm): BB cream is day cream, foundation and UV protection all in one. It conceals impurities such as pimples and blackheads. At the same time, the ingredients hydrate the skin and the SPF sun protection keeps harmful UV radiation at bay.
  • CC cream (Colour Correction): CC cream contains stronger colour pigments than BB cream. These creams reliably conceal areas of redness. This means that they are a very effective make-up replacement that also nourishes the skin at the same time.

Which option is best for you depends on your own preferences and your individual skin texture. BB cream is a great choice for those looking to conceal minor impurities. For people looking to balance out differences in colour and conceal areas of redness, CC cream is the better choice.

Tinted moisturiser with SPF for all year round

Sunlight has been proven to have the biggest negative impact on the condition of our skin. If our skin is exposed to sunlight without protection, this can cause lasting damage.. Therefore, it is very important to incorporate products with SPF into your daily skincare routine.

A tinted day cream with SPF is therefore not just recommended for summer. Using the cream is particularly easy, since the right day cream has multiple uses. It is moisturiser, make-up and sun protection all in one.

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