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Eye serum: The perfect addition to eye cream

A good eye serum can be considered intensive care. It generally contains more nutrients than an eye cream, making it the perfect addition to daily hydration. With an eye serum, active ingredients can really target the eye area and make the eyes shine. This improves your overall look, makes your eyes feel sharper and look fresher. An eye serum is source of power and radiance and makes you feel great.

An eye serum can be a great addition to a daily skincare routine and is applied before the eye cream. Serums contains less moisturising ingredients than creams and less water, making them highly concentrated bombs of active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin. They boost vitality and give the skin around your eyes its freshness and elasticity back.

How to find a good eye serum for wrinkles and dark circles?

Many eye serums for wrinkles contain hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins and other high-quality active ingredients, meaning they adequately hydrate the skin, fill up the collagen stores and ensure that small wrinkles, dark circles or eye bags are reduced.

An eye serum usually has a light, fresh texture, is not greasy and is absorbed into the skin quickly. This makes it very comfortable on the skin, even when an eye cream is applied over the top.

Why do we need a special serum of the eyes in the first place?

The skin around the eyes has less fatty tissue than the rest of the face. As such, it is less elastic and thinner, meaning it loses moisture faster. Furthermore, especially among women, the skin around the eyes is additionally irritated by applying and removing make-up, making good eye care very important.

As the skin around the eyes is thinner, small veins and lymph vessels are also more visible, which can lead to dark circles around the eyes due to heavy blood circulation in these areas, a problem which gets worse as we age.

if the eye serum is applied before the eye cream, the cream acts like a protective film over the serum. It traps in the active ingredients, meaning they can be absorbed by the skin even more effectively and take effect.

What is the best way to use eye serum?

Many eye serums are applied using a roll-on applicator which feels nice on the skin and stimulates the circulation as an added bonus. Furthermore, when using a roll-on applicator, there are no issues with dosing and you can quickly apply the serum to the desired areas around the eyes in a targeted way.

How to use serum from a tube or bottle:

  • If the serum does not come in a roll-on applicator, first put a drop on your finger from the tube or bottle and then apply it to the cleaned skin around your eyes. One to two drops are enough, because the serums are usually very economical.
  • It is best to dab the serum into the skin gently, so as not to irritate the skin through additional rubbing.
  • Leave the serum to soak in briefly before applying the cream over the top.
  • Depending on the extent of dryness around the eyes, the serum can be applied the morning and in the evening. Especially when applied in the evening, it can be optimally absorbed by the skin over night.

Anyone who would like to have a cooling effect can store their eye serum in the fridge. After a bad night’s sleep or on a hot summer day, the refreshing feeling you get when you put it on is priceless and it makes you feel great all around.

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