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Your most important accessory this summer: Body sunscreen

Sun cream should be part of your body care routine – and not just when you are on holiday. Areas of the skin most frequently exposed to the sun are also the ones most susceptible to skin ageing. Plus, the risk of skin cancer increases with every sunburn.

So, start following this rule: always apply sunscreen – even as part of your everyday routine. If you stay in the sun for long periods, you should also regularly reapply sunscreen. It will help protect you from unpleasant sunburn in the short term and help to keep your skin healthy in the long term

Which body sun cream is right for you?

There are many different sun creams. They vary in terms of sun protection factor, of course, but their textures can also be very different. For everyday use, lighter textures that are not sticky or greasy are best. Opt for a waterproof version at the beach so that you can go swimming without worrying. These are the most common types of sunscreen for the body:

  • Sun cream: A classic product that offers the perfect blend of care and sun protection. A waterproof sunscreen is a good choice if you play sports or go swimming. Special sun creams for the face are also available, of course. These are perfectly tailored to sensitive skin.
  • Sun oil: Sun oils often only have a low sun protection factor. This means they are not really suitable for spending a long time in the sun. But because of the oil they contain, they nourish the skin well and give it a beautiful glow.
  • Sun lotion: It has a slightly lighter texture than a cream. That’s why it’s not sticky or greasy, making it perfect for everyday use.
  • Sunscreen spray: This product has two advantages. Firstly, you don’t have to get your hands messy when applying the cream. Secondly, a sunscreen spray is great for topping up your sun protection throughout the day.

After a long session in the sun, an after sun lotion is the perfect way to rehydrate your skin and keep your tan looking great for longer. If you don’t want to spend time in the sun to get your summer tan, and don’t want to worry about exposure to UV rays, then a high-quality self-tanner will give your skin a radiant glow whatever the time of year.

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Sunscreen ingredients have evolved in recent years and they’re now more comfortable than ever to wear. Whether you’re planning a summer holiday or want to protect your skin from UV rays on a daily basis, you can find the perfect sun cream for the body for every need, every skin type and every occasion at parfumdreams.