Bench. Toiletries

Young, active and dynamic: Bench.

The Bench. brand is firmly established in the streetwear segment. Now Bench. has set off to conquer the world of fragrances. An Urban Original 2 for him introduces itself as a perfume for men. Naturally the women too get to share the pleasure: An Urban Original 2 for her is the feminine counterpart to the masculine fragrance. The appeal and effect of the fragrances suit their target groups exactly, appealing to all who live life to the full and approach things actively and dynamically. Bench. is headquartered in London. Further proof that the British capital is a powerhouse for creative and innovative ideas. The perfume designers developed two funky, fresh and young eau de toilettes which are just the thing for sports activities and go equally well in urban environment. The perfumes are ideal for both business and leisure time. An Urban Original 2 for her and An Urban Original 2 for him are pure joie-de-vivre!

Trendy packaging./h2> The flaçons used for An Urban Original 2 for her and An Urban Original 2 for him transport the image of a young and fresh fragrance. With their eye-catching colour gradients in shades of berry and blue and their embossed logo the flaçons have the same captivating effect as the fragrances. The perfume for men is made up of tangy and aromatic components. The women’s fragrance is dominated by fruity and flowery notes. With these two fragrances Bench. has created a duo which will continue to cause a stir. No matter if worn solo or in “partner look”, the fragrances by Bench. are the ideal companion for all who not only dream their dreams but turn them into reality.