"When Christian Dior created his fashion house in 1946, he imagined a new femininity, a total femininity that would lack nothing. Today, from dresses to accessories, from fragrances to lipstick, to the most expert skincare, the house of Dior enhances the beauty of women, bringing radiance and modernity."


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Dior perfume: From Paris to Hollywood

Ever since the company was founded, Dior perfumes have held a place in the Dior brand's repertoire. Upon the company’s founding in Paris in 1946, Christian Dior laid the foundations for one of the most successful luxury brands. After the end of the Second World War, the fashion designer placed particular importance on creating feminine clothing: Close-fitting tops with slim-fitting waists and elegant, flowing skirts were at the forefront of his work and have wowed journalists ever since his first fashion show. In this way, the brand was able to reach Hollywood, where famous stars such as Marilyn Monroe wore its fashions.

Dior: perfume with history

Christian Dior’s career began with women's fashion and fragrances to suit the styles. The first Dior fragrance was Miss Dior – a perfume which still has legions of fans today. The brief for the fragrance experts was simple yet complex: This Dior perfume was to smell like love. The result was a chypre perfume that was light, floral and feminine. The fragrance has been reformulated several times over the decades and refined with modern ingredients.

This Dior perfume was given its most recent revamp in 2021: The top notes were given a more floral feel with peony, lily of the valley and iris. The fragrance is made particularly special by the sweet base note, which is a warm embrace of tonka bean and sandalwood – a modern take on the scent of love.

A Dior make-up and perfume to complement your outfit

Christian Dior believed that a fragrance was the final finishing touch to an outfit – without it, you are not fully dressed. Of course, this approach also applied to women and men, who were equally welcome to envelop themselves in a Dior perfume:

  • Dior women's fragrances: Classics like Dior Poison or Dior J’adore have amazed women for decades. The fragrances express femininity and strength, and can be playful yet passionate at the same time.
  • Dior men's fragrances: Stylish men complement their outfits with a Dior Eau de Parfum and the accompanying aftershave. They give the wearer a distinctive masculinity that will ignite excitement.

In the meantime, Dior has also come to offer other items to round off an outfit: Dior make-up also allows you to show off your individuality.

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