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Earn money with the parfumdreams partner programme!

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  1. Select a network
  2. It costs you nothing to participate in the parfumdreams partner programme. We will provide you with a large selection of advertising material for your website. Upon request, you will also receive individualised advertising material for your website.
  3. If you advertise the page, the following guidelines must be strictly observed

You can register with these networks:

Advertising guidelines:

If you advertise the page, the following guidelines must be strictly observed:

  • No advertising through or links to pages with pornographic, immoral or criminal content (in particular, illegal gambling activities, pyramid schemes, etc.), or content that is harmful to children or young people
  • All advertising pages must take account of the image of the luxury goods sold by Akzente GmbH, which means no pages whose presentations are harmful to the aforementioned brands and which indicate discounts or price dumping
  • Advertising on pages which contain certifications such as the Trustpilot seal of approval, sell branded goods and are equivalent to the promoted pages of Akzente GmbH in terms of presentation and technical standard
  • No linking or redirection to pages which sell unauthorised branded goods
  • No advertising on pages which give the impression that the offer of the promoted advertiser (Akzente GmbH) represents an offer of the advertiser itself or which suggest that there is a business connection between the advertising pages and Akzente GmbH
  • If Adwords and keywords are used, the principles of case law on the admissibility of such advertisements with trademark protected terms must be strictly observed

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