Oily skin care

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Skin care for oily skin: more balance in your care routine

A shiny T-zone, visible pores and scattered impurities: oily skin presents itself in many ways. Excessive sebum production is often hormonal and affects around 20 to 30 percent of all teenagers. However, oily skin is no rarity amongst adults either. Visit parfumdreams and check out skin care for oily skin which refines your complexion long term and makes your skin appear silky smooth.

A suitable care routine for oily skin

Do you want to help your oily skin look fresher? The right morning and evening care routine plays an important role:

  • Cleaning oily skin: Instead of using an fatty or oily wash lotion, we recommend cleaning oily skin with a mild cleanser. A gentle toner can be applied afterwards to add a pleasant, fresh look and feel.
  • Scrubs for oily skin: Chemical scrubs are often well suited for oily skin. Active ingredients such as lactic acid or glycolic acid clear the pores while almond acid and salicylic acid reduce inflammation
  • Skin care for oily skin: After cleaning, the oily skin should always be hydrated with a light lotion or emulsion. Creams with gel-like consistencies or which don’t contain much oil are best.

Using an activated charcoal mask once to twice a week as an additional measure can ensure a clear, matte complexion.

Leave your skin feeling light with effective skin care for oily skin

Specific skin care for oily skin helps minimise the excessive production of sebum as well as impurities and shiny skin. To do so, high-quality skin care for oily skin makes use of effective ingredients that make the skin on the face look fresh and healthy. In particular, care substances such as salicylic acid, zinc, allantoin and niacinamide regulate sebum production.

Buy skin care for oil skin online

With the right skin care for oily skin, you will support the optimal regeneration of your skin and help it regulate sebum production. You can find a large selection of high-quality care products with ingredients that are good for oily skin at parfumdreams. Order the skin care products that suit you and your daily beauty routine best – and do so right here in our online shop from wherever you are in ourparfumdreams app. Your skin will thank you!